The 5 Wet Shaving Mistakes You’re Making


Wet Shaving with a Safety Razor can be very enjoyable, here’s some Wet Shaving mistakes to avoid:

So we’ve taken you through the benefits of Wet Shaving, How to Wet Shave and now we’re going to explain some common Wet Shaving Mistakes!

The 5 Top Wet Shaving Mistakes you want to avoid are:

1. Poor Prep – Like anything, the rate of success starts with a good foundation.

Throw away your can of shaving foam that you got in your supermarket, it’s full of gunk that’s not good for your skin and like anything that comes from a can (bar a cold beer), it’s most likely crap.

A good shave starts with a good shower. Just before you hop into the shower, throw your shaving brush and soap into a basin or sink of warm water to help soften them up. It’ll lend a hand to an unbelievably good lather.

Give your face a nice gentle scrub with warm water and a scrub.

Then get going with your pre-shave, then the lathering process which we discussed previously over here.

Wet Shaving requires a small initial investment. As discussed you need a Razor and a Brush, grab one over here for only €34.99, you’ll also need some shaving soap or cream.

2. The Direction of your Hair Growth – Another common mistake is not shaving in the direction your hair grows. Always shave with then across the grain if you can.

We rarely advise shaving against the grain, it’ll lead to ingrown hairs and razor burn. A big no no!

Make sure to double check the direction of hair growth on your neck, it can on occasion grow in a different direction to your face.

3.Pressure, Blade & Angle  – The importance of the right blade can not be over stated. It’ll take experimenting with a few before you find the right one for your skin type and hair thickness but that’s part of the joy of wet shaving!

Applying the right pressure is very important, the thing with DE Safety Razors is that they’re heavier than the plastic modern cartridge razors so you’re not going to have to apply a huge amount of pressure, if any, to your face to cut the hair.

Remember the key with shaving is Beard Reduction so you’re aiming to reduce the length of hair in the course of a shave so you may need an extra lather and pass to get it really close to the skin.

4.Over Lubrication – 

Too much lube! Always a problem, rarely a solution, unless you’re stuck in a tight place.

I digress.

Don’t over do it with the pre-shave oil and then soap or else you’ll be scraping through layers all day before you actually shave your face, you’ll end up applying too much pressure in the wrong area and boom, you’re bleeding.

5.Over Shaving –  Don’t keep going over the same spot!

You shave it with one clean swipe, then on to the next. If you have to shave again to get a shorter stubble then lather up again, your face will thank us.


Enjoy your shaving experience, take the time to do it right, it’ll be worth it.

Remember, shaving with Manly Stuff products is a joy in itself.


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