Time needed: 5 minutes

Learn how to Shave with a Safety Razor – Step by Step

  1. Step 1. Preparation! Pre Shave Oil.

    Shaving with a Safety Razor requires more patience than you will be used to if you use a Cartridge Razor. Preparation is absolutely key when using a Safety Razor. Step 1 – Apply some pre-shave oil, massage it slowly in to the skin in a circular motion – really get it in to the stubble.manly-stuff-shaving

  2. Step 2. Use your Shaving Brush to Lather up your Shaving Soap

    Another fundamentally important part to an enjoyable shave – the use of a shaving brush is critical to an enjoyable shave, a shaving brush helps lift stubble up off the face to ensure you get a closer, more enjoyable shave. Using the shaving brush and some shaving soap – create a thick later then paint said lather on to the face, as if you were painting a wall.safety razors ireland

  3. Step 3. Shaving time! Take your time using the Safety Razor the first time

    Safety Razors are totally different to a cartridge razor in that you don’t need to apply pressure, the weight of the razor is enough for this. Holding the Safety Razor firmly, use a 30 degree angle to slowly glide the razor over the skin, calmly and smoothly removing that pesky stubble. Always shave WITH the direction of fair growth, not against – that’s where the term ‘against the grain‘ comes from. Shaving Against The Grain can lead to ingrown hairs and will definitely lead to pain and irritation.vintage-old-style-shaving-set-black-luxury

  4. Step 4. Cold Water Splash, Alum for any Nicks

    Dunk your face in to a sink of cold water, or if you’re shaving in the shower – turn that bad boy to cold – it’ll refresh you and also help close the pores of your skin whilst drawing blood away from the skin underneath which will quickly stop any weepers bleeding. Alum is a naturally occurring substance that wicks the bleeding of small nicks and is great for shaving cuts.

  5. Apply Post Shave Balm – Freshen Up

    Finish up your shave with a nice post shave balm. This is an absolutely critical step as a good post shave balm (such as our organic one) will help calm and nourish the skin and ensure your skin is in tip top condition.

    So that, ladies and gents is How to Shave with a Safety Razor.