Safety Razor – Chubby (Matte Black)


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Safety Razor – Chubby (Matte Black)

A compact safety razor that has a thick handle, perfect for those with smaller hands as it’s means it’s easy to grip.

A safety razor is a great way to reduce plastic in your shave and also to get a smoother, cleaner shave with no pulling and less irritation, and less razor burn. A safety razor is cheaper in the long run too with replacement blades being as cheap as .20cent each.

  • 100g
  • Matte Black
  • High Quality Finish
  • 20.5mm Diameter
  • Mild to Aggressive Shave
  • 90mm Length


Safety Razor Ireland – Chubby Black Razor

Reusable Safety Razor – Chubby Back Eco Friendly Razor

Eco Friendly Razor: This Safety Razor will literally fit into a match box so is perfect for throwing in the washbag when running out the door. Don’t let its size fool you, this is a top quality razor. This Single Blade Razor is a great weight for it’s size, around 80 grams, which means although this plastic free razor is small it’s perfectly balanced.

Want to know how to shave with a Safety Razor? Read our article on how to shave with a safety razor.

Our Double Edged Razors are all designed to provide the perfect shave for our customers, whether you’ve never used a safety razor before or you use a plastic free razor regularly then our Single Blade Razors are the perfect answer for a sustainable shaving solution.

The handle is compatible with most single blade de razors heads on the market.

At 29.99, you won’t find a better sustainable razor for this price.

Eco Friendly Sustainable Razors Ireland

The average bearded man who shaves daily needs to replace their razor or razor cartridge every two to three weeks. That’s a hell of a lot of razors used and disposed of from adolescence to the grave. These then lurk for centuries in landfill before they eventually break down, whereupon they pollute the surrounding soil. Multi-blade razor cartridges are somewhat better than single-use disposable ones, though they can be 10 or 20 times more expensive.

Far better would be to invest in a safety razor that can last many lifetimes, if cared for. The same blades that were designed for it a century ago are still readily available and cost about €25 for two years supply, as opposed to about €75 for disposable multi-blade cartridges. The blades come austerely wrapped in wax paper and a minimalist cardboard box. They’re made of recyclable stainless steel, which your scrap-metal recycler will accept (though not your green bin).

Our Sustainable or Eco Friendly Razors are the perfect way to shave.

Shaving with a Safety Razor is great for a number of reasons:

  • A single blade for your Eco Friendly Razor means less waste in the long run
  • Bulk Razor Packs are a great cost saver
  • A single blade razor means less irritation, less razor burn and a more enjoyable shaving experience

10 reviews for Safety Razor – Chubby (Matte Black)

  1. Wet Shaving Mad

    Beautiful Safety Razor, excellent quality.

  2. Fitzwillers

    Great value, excellent value and quality Safety Razor.

  3. Hugo Mc

    Amazing shave from this Safety Razor. Hesitated at first to buy on but haven’t looked back since

  4. Dermot

    A nice weighted Safety razor, it fits perfectly in the palm and has nice grip also. The head is perfect for a beginner, not too aggressive but not overly mild. I enjoy shaving with the razor much more than I have before, not sure why it took me so long to swap over from my plastic gilette!

  5. Stevie H

    This is a fabulous razor – feels really substantial in the hand, weighty, compact and looks incredibly stylish. It’s a good shave – the blade I see held down by the top part screwing down, rather than twisting the handle, so there’s some leeway with how tight you have it meaning you can go really close with a slightly looser fit. Either way, this is by far the best razor I’ve ever owned. The service was great – speedy delivery – the only gripe being there was obviously space for blades in the packaging which was left empty. None are supplied with it, but to be fair that’s mentioned in the description.

  6. GRS49

    Perfect, brilliant shave.

  7. MN

    Excellent Razor and arrived in a few days.

  8. James

    Great little razor, very good quality, quick delivery, happy out.

  9. Kilian O’Callaghan

    Tis a great razor, just be careful the threads don’t wear out. Mine did, but ManlyStuff was good enough to replace it. Also, it is good as a travel razor, but you CANNOT take a blade onboard, must be in your checked in luggage. Totally recommend, never have i had a nick or cut.

  10. Adam

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