What to Expect when getting a Tailored Suit in Dublin

Made to Measure Suits in Ireland are something that are coming back in to vogue. For some, there is nothing more exciting than the idea of getting a Made to Measure or Tailored Suit, heading to a bespoke suit consultation. But, for others, the whole experience can seem a little daunting and overwhelming. 

You know that this suit will be the slickest, sharpest two-piece you’re ever going to button up that will fit you to perfection – but that doesn’t stop the sheer choice of fits, fabrics, sizes and styles thrust in front of you from being slightly overwhelming – we have over 2,000!

So, if you’re coming up on your first consultation with our tailor, and you want to prepare accordingly, we’ve put together and overview of what to expect and what questions we’ll ask you.

From why you want a suit in the first place to the exact angle of your pockets — this is everything they’ll ask you.

First of all, why are you getting a bespoke suit tailored?

It’s the big question, and one you should most definitely be expecting. From our perspective, it makes a world of difference whether you’re looking for a crisp power suit for the 9-5 that will need to be more hard wearing or if you’re looking for a piece of luxury tailoring for a special birthday or your Wedding!

We have to find out what the customer wants. “How do they see their suit? Is it a luxury item for a birthday or cocktail party — for which it will have to be particularly outstanding? Or is a day-to-day suit — durable, but still nice?” So far, so good. Every tailor will have their own set of questions but, broad strokes, you will be asked how and where you intend to wear your suit. And think hard, because your answer here will have huge implications on the final product.

“Is it a luxury item for a birthday or cocktail party? Or is a day-to-day suit, durable, but still nice?”

There will be an element of temperature and climate that needs to be considered, are you going to Italy for the summer and want an unstructured, unlined suit or are you looking for a flannel made to measure suit for the winter?

There are a number of other things we’ll ask you about as you’re getting measured – the length of your coat or the lapel width you’d like. We will tailor all of these things according to your requirements. If you’re a big strong guy with thick thighs, we’ll suggest pleats. It’s with this day-to-day movement where we start — because it’s so important.

Next comes the onslaught of options. Here are just a handful of the decisions to be made…

Our clients are welcome to visit us and go through our selection of over 2,000 cloths from the likes of Lanifcio Cerruti, Vitale Barberis Cononico among others. Before even discussing styles choices such as the number of buttons you’d like, the type of buttons, flaps, pleats, whether you want functional cuffs, peak lapels etc.

The list really does go on. But this is where your character and quirks are really stitched into your suit — so it pays to know beforehand what choices you’ll be asked to make or we can guide you in the right direction but be warned, we always recommend to go for it when getting a tailored suit – it should be your personality personified.

During the measurement process with your tailor, we will go through the following options: Single-breasted or double-breasted; Number of buttons; Straight or slightly slanted pockets.

And that’s not all. Again, each tailor will have their own checklist to take you through, but here’s our full docket of decisions to be made:

  • Do you want patch, jetted or bellows pockets?
  • How many pockets do you want — and where do you want them?
  • What colour and material do you want your suit, and with what lining?
  • Would you like a turn back cuff?
  • Have you thought about buttons — what colour?
  • Will your trousers have a button, hook or Gurkha fastening?
  • Do you want buckle adjusters, button tabs, belt loops or cuts for braces?
  • Zip or button fly?
  • Flat front or pleats?
  • How many pockets on your trousers — and where?
  • Will you be going for straight bottoms or turn-ups?
  • What type of trouser lining do you want, and how long do you want it?

The questions will continue as your measurements are taken (and there are a lot of them…)

Accurate measurements are the bedrock upon which a bespoke suit is built. So, when ushered over by your tape measure-wielding tailor, it’s time to take things seriously and there are several things you should be aware will be asked of you.

Taking Measurements for a Tailored Suit

For us to get started, we always ask you to wear your favourite, or best fitting suit. This will give us a size to work with from an off the rack suit and then to assess posture and fit better, we’ll than ask our clients to try on one or two standard sized garments to determine what other adjustments will have to made.

The most important step however, is to fully measure you!

And there are many measurements to be taken. Your neck, your chest, your waist, your seat, your shirt length, your shoulder width, your arm length, your wrists, your hips and your inseam. And that’s before you even get to the more niche, specific measurements your tailor will need to make this suit perfect for your particular body shape.

Remember, not every customer wears a tailored garment in the same way, so personal preference when it comes to fit and shape is important to be taken into account.

When you return for a fitting, you’ll be asked even more questions…

Made to Measure Suits - Fitting Suit

You’ve chosen your cut. You’ve picked your fabric. You’ve selected your buttons and your fastenings and the placement of your pockets. You’ve even been measured. So your suit is now out of your hands, right?

Wrong. The extra measuring and fitting sessions are just as important — if not more so — than the initial consultation.

“When coming in for a fitting we ask customers to wear the shoes or similar shoes to those they’ll be wearing with the suit. And another important thing we ask people to do when they are being measured for a bespoke suit is to look away from the mirror.

People feel less self conscious and more relaxed, and their posture is far more natural when there isn’t a mirror in front of them. And we’ll ask you to stand as naturally as possible — none of this hands out at 90 degrees thing that some people think is the thing to do…

And that — after discounting hundreds of materials, rejecting tens of button types and passing over pleats, paisley linings and patch pockets — is that. So, next time you make an appointment with your tailor, arm yourself with answers to the above. Looking smooth will never have gone as smoothly…