We started Manly Stuff in 2014 because we got tired of buying expensive cartridge razors in supermarkets and using horrible smelling goo from a can and wanted to enjoy my shave again. After many months of research, we found suppliers that would make small batches of my own Safety Razors and Shaving Products, we still use the same suppliers to this day and they’re now very much my friends.

All of the products we sell, are exceptional quality and would usually cost much more. We don’t have huge marketing budgets or overheads so can supply these beautiful products at much more affordable prices than other retailers.

Originally we tried to be ironic with the name ‘Manly Stuff’ as nothing we sell is overly manly but more we sell items that are traditionally used by men such as safety razors, shaving brushes etc. Of course, men and women use most of the items we sell so Manly Stuff probably wasn’t the best choice of names but we’re stuck with it!

Something that’s very important to me is to have as little an impact on the planet as possible, we’ve only ever used paper or cardboard packaging and are proud to use An Post who use mostly electric vehicles for delivery now. We try to be as sustainable as possible and limit our waste in every way we can.

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We sell lots of great mens gift ideas and products such as:

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We are based in Dublin, Ireland. All of our orders are sent from Dublin, everything is Quality Controlled checked before it’s posted out to you. We’re a very small business, just husband and wife in fact! We handle all of the communication, packaging and shipping ourselves so we keep a tight control over every aspect of your journey with us.


Our aim is to be the only website that any man needs to go to – we started off with just Safety Razors and have slowly but surely expanded our range of products to include Mens Ties, Pocket Squares, Collar stays, Lapel Pins, Watches, Wallets, Cigar Accessories, Shaving Soaps, Beard Oils and other items besides.

We’ve sifted through the crap to bring you only quality goods that will last a lifetime. We focus on supplying the best quality goods for the fairest price possible. We only use sustainable companies that have fair Employee policies in place.

Most Importantly – We use all of these products, nothing would be for sale if we didn’t believe in it and think it’s great!