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Chrome Synthetic Shaving Brush

A luxury synthetic shaving brush with heavy chrome handle.

Seriously soft bristles with a huge knot makes this one of the finest and affordable travel shaving brushes on the market.

The knot on this brush is really, really great. It’s like a mop, it’s amazing! Great backbone, one our most popular shaving brushes.

  • Luxury Grade Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot
  • ABS Chrome Handle
  • 22mm Knot
  • Very soft and dries quickly
  • Perfect Travel Companion


Synthetic Shaving Brushes are made using mainly nylon bristles. The benefit of using a high quality synthetic shaving brush include ease of use, low maintenance and economy with shaving foam or soap. This 22mm knot shaving brush is special because of the quality, but also the amount of water and shaving foam that can be held by the bristles. The more water a brush can hold, the richer the lather will be. A richer lather translates to a better quality shave that allows the safety razor through with less friction, skipping or dragging. Synthetic brushes release the shaving lather quicker than their animal haired cousins.

Benefits of Using a Shaving Brush

The greatest benefit of using any shaving brush, not just this high quality synthetic brush is the softening and lifting of the beard prior to shaving. Shaving cream applied to the face by hand will result in an uneven lifting of the beard and therefore lead to an inconsistent shave.

In addition, the highest quality synthetic shaving brush is more cost effective than the highest quality badger or boar bristle shaving brush. Over time, a high quality synthetic shaving brush will loose less hair and offer a much longer life time when properly maintained.

Using Your Synthetic Shaving Brush

The first step is to wet the shaving brush under warm water, ensuring that some of this water is mixed with the shaving foam. Next, put your shaving soap or foam in a cup or shaving bowl and agitate with the shaving brush, working up a lather. Apply this later to the face with the shaving brush for an even lifting of the beard and a gentle exfoliation of the face.?The benefits of this means the razor does not need to be pressed to the face to work efficiently. Shaving brushes offer the maximum benefit when combined with a high quality safety razor or straight razor.

Comparing Synthetic and Animal Bristle Hair

For more information on how synthetic bristle brushes and animal hair bushes compare, read the excellent blog post by The Real Shave.

1 review for Chrome Shaving Brush – Synthetic Hair

  1. Liam Cotter

    Makes applying the lather a breeze. Highly recommend a brush with shaving.

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