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Mens Shaving Sets Ireland – Our range of Mens shaving kits are excellent value and great for men who want to improve their shave.

Our Men’s Shaving Sets are the perfect place to start your shaving journey. If you’ve never used a DE Safety Razor or Straight Razor before, then any of these starter sets are a good place to start.

Shaving with a Safety Razor offers a much better experience and shave than shaving with a modern cartridge razor. All of our shaving gift sets come in our beautiful custom Manly Stuff gift packaging – they’re great as a gift for you or someone else.

Shaving with a Safety Razor means less plastic, less irritation and an overall better shaving experience.

To get a great shave, you need to start with quality materials – our Safety Razors & Shaving Brushes combination are a knockout. The perfect way to upgrade your shave.


An old-fashioned shaving set is a complete set with stand, shaving brush and a straight razor or a safety razor. For a novice shaver, we recommend a safety razor set, as it is easier to get started and much less daunting than a straight razor.

All of our shaving sets come in a beautiful black box  perfect for gift giving. Under each product you can see exactly what is included in each set. You can see that we offer good basic sets all the way up the scale to our truly luxurious models.


Our safety razors sets. Safety razor shaving sets start with an easy to keep clean, three-piece old-fashioned design safety razor that uses universal double-edged blades. The pull down menus can guide you to the appropriate combinations of items for your set. Safety razors are ideal for novices or those who want to graduate up to a real razor and not those supermarket overkill shavers.
These sets obviously make terrific gifts!


Shaving with a straight razor is an acquired art that takes some practice and a little patience. But once you master that shaving technique and appreciate how close of a shave you get, you will never want to go back to any other kind of razor. All of these straight razor are ready to use fresh out of the box and the choice of these sets include everything you need to get started.


A shaving brush gets the best results when shaving because it lifts up the bristly hairs and really moistens them for a smooth shave. The best way to properly maintain your shaving brush is to hang it up to air dry on a barber stand. A wet shave would not be complete without a good shaving soap to get the full benefit from using a shaving brush.
shaving soap. We sell kits containing a shaving brush, a barber stand and a good shaving soap that is the best choice for beginners.

Discover the difference today and upgrade your shave!

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