Where to buy a Made to Measure Suit in Dublin, Cork & Ireland:

Made to Measure Suits – What are they and where’s best to go in Ireland?

Here’s a run down of where you can get Made to Measure Suits in Ireland:

There are a number of things to consider when going for a Bespoke, Made to Measure or Tailored Suit. Firstly, what are the different terms and what do they mean?

Here’s a quick overview:

Bespoke Suits – The holy grail of custom made suits. A lot of suit shops throw around the term ‘bespoke’ and ‘made to measure’ without really being true to what they actually entail. A bespoke suit will cost a minimum of €3,000 and take 6- 12 months to make with 4-6 fittings involved. Any bespoke suit makers that we’ve come across in Ireland are English trained and as such, their suits tend to be boxy and dated in style.

Made to Measure Suits – The quicker and more pocket friendly of bespoke. Again, there are only a handful of mens shops in Ireland actually doing proper Made to Measure suits – many will take an off the rack suit and cut it down to fit you and call this made to measure, it’s not. A made to measure suit tends to take 1-3 fittings and you can pick things like the lining, buttons, canvas construction, shoulder type, pocket type, trouser type, jacket style etc. etc. A good quality Made to Measure suit will set you back €850-€2000.

Off the Rack Tailored Suits – This is when you go to a suit shop, pick something off the rack and get it altered to fit. Usually the cheapest and lowest quality option but fine if you don’t know what you’re looking for and don’t have much experience in suits or a decent budget.

Now, where to get a custom made suit?

A tailor made suit or made to measure suit is something that every man should aspire to owning. There’s nothing quite like putting on a perfectly fitted suit –  a properly fitting suit should literally feel like a pair of pyjamas.

There are lots of shops selling suits, some of them are exceptional but it’s very rare that an off the rack suit will fit you perfectly, you might think it looks great (and you might be right) but chances are there are one or two things amiss from getting that ‘perfect look’. Most men will go for a made to measure suit when they’re getting married as they feel it’s the only time they should ‘splash out’ on a bespoke suit or custom suit but really, instead of buying many cheap suits, it’s a much better idea to invest in your wardrobe and build it up over time.

There are many reasons to getting a tailor made suit or made to measure suit, obviously they’re going to be the perfect fit, they’re an investment as they’re going to be better quality than most off the rack suits and they’ll always look great.

There are a few companies making great made to measure suits or offering made to measure suits in Dublin & Ireland but a word of caution, many suit companies offer made to order as opposed to made to measure and unless you’re paying in the region of €3000+ for your suit – it isn’t made in Ireland – we’ve found most websites avoid mentioning where their suits are made and will have you believe they’re made in Ireland when in reality, they’re not.

Here’s a run down of where you can get Made to Measure Suits in Ireland:

There are also some cowboy suit companies out there dealing in hand tailored suits so be incredibly careful about who you choose. Check reviews and make sure the reviews are real.

We spoke to a couple of Irish Tailors & Suit Companies who provide bespoke and made to measure suits in Ireland  to find out more about them and what they offer.

Hunter Treacy Tailors 

Hunter Treacy Tailors (Appointment Only in Dublin, walk in in Cork) are the new kids on the block for quality yet affordable Made to Measure suits. Founded in 2019, they’re trying to shake things up in the Custom Suit Market in Ireland by bringing some Italian Style to proceedings. They are based in Dublin 2 on Pembroke Street Upper (appointments every two weeks) and in Clonakilty in West Cork. They specialise in luxury Italian fabrics at very affordable prices in terms of the price/quality ratio. Their suits start at €849 but you’d easily pay double this for a suit of the same quality elsewhere and their shirts start at €159.

Green Made to Measure Suit

They offer Made to Measure suits, shirts and coats.. They offer over ,000 fabrics from the likes of Lanifcio Cerruti, Vitale Barberis Cononico and Dormeuil amongst others. You can book an appointment with Hunter Treacy Tailors and they can take you through the process of creating your dream suit. With only a limited number of slots each month, it means HTT can really look after each client and build a proper relationship – like every man should have with their tailor.

They specialise in creating one off, unique suits that are a bit more out there than the standard Navy suit! The quality is exceptional and the customer service is second to none.

One of their Made to Measure suits take 3-8 weeks from initial consultation to the delivery of the finished suit.

The key thing when getting a made to measure suit is to be comfortable with the process and at Hunter Treacy Tailors they will make sure you are comfortable at every step of the process.

Dee Graham Tailored Suits

We came across Dee Graham when we were at the excellent BarberConnect event organised by Sam Donnelly. Dee was strutting around like a peacock in one of his marvelous creations and it caught our eye big time, at Dee Graham Tailors, they specialise in custom couture for the most distinguished of gents.

They are based in Northern Ireland and each piece is individually made to measure to give an exclusive look tailored specifically to your needs. Their showroom and any consultation is by appointment only. Check out their Instagram for more information.

Paul Henry Tailoring

In 2015, Henry established Paul Henry Tailoring as a centre of excellence for tailoring, injecting a new vitality into a dying craft. Prices start at around €2,000 from what we’ve heard and suits take a minimum of 12 weeks.

Paul Henry Tailoring offers clients the traditional Savile Row experience of bespoke tailoring from its showroom on Strand Street Great. Located in the heart of Dublin’s city centre this contemporary bespoke house builds upon centuries of tailoring tradition to create unique bespoke garments for today’s ladies & gentlemen.

Their award-winning tailors, guided by Henry’s four decades of experience, are experts in both ladies & gentleman’s tailoring & can create the perfect outfit for any occasion, from the traditional to the more modern.

Louis Copeland & Sons:

Louis Copeland & Sons are at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price but offer a made to measure selection of suits. Their suits used to be made in Ireland but we believe that’s no longer the case. Their website says their suits start at €949 but we’ve heard that’s not really the case.

Louis Copeland & Sons carries some of the world’s finest designer labels in suiting and casual clothing including Canali, Eton, Ted Baker, GANT, Barbour and the Louis Copeland label.

Louis Copeland & Sons has six stores around the country and an online store at LouisCopeland.com.

The Louis Copeland Made to Measure Experience is an exclusive service that allows you to create a suit which is truly unique to you. Their made to measure specialists provide 1:1 private tailoring to guide you through the entire process. You will see your creation take shape down to the last detail as you select lapels, buttons, pockets, linings, collars and cuffs.

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