Dress your best, but Dress to Impress Yourself

Let’s face it, the fuss made on a Wedding Day is made about the bride – and rightly so! But the Grooms, or Grooms, get to don their best suits too. A Made to Measure suit is always the right choice, but with the right alterations – an off the rack suit can be perfect also.

The accessories you wear on the day are absolutely key, they come down to personal style and also to the vibe of the day – stay true to yourself, and your wedding theme, and you’ll look the part. We see so many grooms who look disheveled with badly fitted suits – the trouser lengths are too long, the shirt is untucked and worst of all – they’re stupid f*cking novelty ties or bow ties.

Here’s what you should be thinking of and considering (from the head down)

  • Tie /Bow Tie
  • Tie Clip
  • Pocket Square
  • Collar Stays
  • Cufflinks
  • Shirt Stay
  • Belt
  • Socks
  • Shoes

Wedding Ties/ Bow Ties:

Firstly, what you decide here can really define your whole outfit – colour, style, material, texture etc. We’ll admit, we’re not fans of a bow tie but we absolutely HATE Wooden Bow Ties or Ties – they’re totally naff – please don’t wear one on your wedding day, for the love of god.

If you have a thing for wood, wooden cufflinks or tie clip are a much better choice.

Back to the tie – for summer weddings, there’s nothing wrong with floral ties -in fact, they can look really well to add to the summer vibe. A nice Italian silk tie or cotton tie is also lovely for Summer.

For Winter Weddings, we definitely recommend adding some texture to your outfits – tweed and wool suits are very much in vogue at the moment so why not consider adding a woolen tie to your Wedding Day ensemble?

A wool bow tie is probably the only time we’ll recommend one – they’re nice, individual and not childish like some other bow ties.

Pocket Squares:

With the age of the suit gone and more casual clothes to the fore these days, men don’t get the chance to wear Pocket Squares any more so your wedding is a good opportunity to go all out and wear one!

We always recommend not wearing a matching tie & pocket square set but with a more traditional wedding suit, you do tend to wear a matching tie and pocket square, this is what we’re talking about:

If you’re going for a more contemporary look then you can really make your outfit look great, you need to match them up in some way- but not exactly, think of picking a colour from your tie and matching a pocket square with that colour,example:


Collar Stays & Shirt Stays

Imagine not being able to stand up straight the night of your wedding ;) Well you want to make sure your collars are stiff and your shirt stays tucked!

Collar stays are little bits of metal that slide in to the collar of dress shirts, magnetic collar stays ensure your collar stays exactly where you want it and keeps the collar looking neat and in place.

Shirt Stays are interesting pieces of equipment that are designed to keep your shirt tucked in neatly and your socks pulled up! They are however, not the type of accessory you’ll want to still be wearing by the time your first night as newly weds rolls around – they look ridiculous:



Depending on the type of shirt you’ve gone for – more luxury or more affordable, you’ll need to wear cufflinks if you’ve gone for a double cuff shirt which would be the standard on your wedding day.

We always say to match your cufflinks with your watch and your ring – silver with silver, gold with gold etc.

A quality pair of cufflinks really compliments your whole outfit.

Belt & Shoes:

Wearing a brown belt? Wear brown shoes. Black Belt – Black shoes. It’s not rocket science but it’s definitely a rule you need to abide by.

A good quality leather belt is absolutely key to complete your look, unless you’re wearing suspenders – in which case – no belt!


Last but not least – socks! Socks is probably the one area where you can let go a little, most of our Groomsmen sets contain a set of socks – totally up to the groom what they want to go with but they tend to go for a mismatch approach to let the personality shine through and some novelty socks always get a laugh.

Novelty Socks are something you can get away with at a wedding

Novelty Socks are something you can get away with at a wedding