Pocket Squares

We have a fine range of Fine Silk  Squares, Cotton  Squares and Wool Hankerchiefs. Our range of Hankerchiefs are luxury at an affordable price. The wool & cotton pocket squares are great for making an outfit stand out and the Silk  Squares are a real work of art. Made using the finest silks from Asia and finished In Europe, the designs are classic and will make any outfit look fantastic.

Our selection of pocket square are made using the finest materials. We focus on interesting designs using novel materials to bring you quality, affordable pocket squares that will look great worn as a casual addition to a blazer and open shirt or as a way to make that suit pop.

The Silk Paisley options  are vibrant, loud and ornate. The wool pocket hankerchiefs are perfect for adding some texture to your suit or blazer and the cotton pocket squares are the essentials required for every gentleman. Read this great guide by the Art of Manliness on how to pair your pocket square with your outfit!

A Pocket Square can be worn with a tie or without, they’re great for adding some spice to an outfit and to help you stand out, when everyone else blends in.

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