Safety Razors: Why shaving with a Safety Razor is regaining popularity for Men

Interest in Safety Razors has been increasing steadily since we began Manly Stuff back in 2015. What has gone from a hobby where collectors around [...]

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Why a Wet Shave Beats a Dry Shave, everytime.

The biggest decision a gentleman must make every morning — aside from whether or not to hit that snooze button one more time — is [...]


A GUIDE TO ECO-FRIENDLY ZERO WASTE SHAVING | PLASTIC-FREE RAZORS You might not realize it, but we humans produce A LOT of waste from our [...]

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Doubled Edged Safety Razors -V- Cartridge Razors

Safety Razors -V- Cartridge Razors - What's the difference? Why should you care? Cartridge razors with all their slick marketing and celebrity appearances appeal to [...]

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A Traditional, Vintage Razor – An Alternative to Plastic Razors. Common Questions answered!

Should I shave with a traditional Safety Razor? Seán here, owner of I wanted to write an article on the common questions we get [...]

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How to Prevent Razor Burn & How to Avoid it with a Safety Razor

Razor Rash, Razor Burn & Razor Bumps: How can I get rid of it? Razor burn can be an absolute nightmare. That burning sensation, so bad, [...]

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