Pomp & Co Hair Cream 120ml


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Pomp & Co Hair Cream 120ml

The HairCream hold is light to strong depending on needs and gives a natural matt/dry look finish. Great for more natural looking textured styles.
It is water based so it will wash out easily from the hair without any residue. It is white in colour, and as the name suggests is cream in texture.

How Irelands first pomades started:

Pomp & Co. is a young pomade company owned and operate by two barber brothers located in Dublin Ireland. Their love for pomade formed over the years exploring all the many types made available through barbering. So it only seemed natural to take things to the next level and make something that would reflect? their style, taste and passion. After two years research Pomp & Co was born.

Extreme craftsmanship went into every single detail. The products were formulated to be very concentrated with a strength that can be considered strong. For lighter held more natural looking hairstyles only a small amount is ever needed. This means a single jar can last the user sometime.

These hair products act as a cologne for the hair. A scent that like your hairstyle that will get you noticed.


Photo: Eoin Holland - www.eoinholland.com


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