How to Wear A Tie Clip – Make sure you wear it right

‘How do I wear my awesome new Tie Clip’ – we hear you ask.

A tie clip is definitely one of the best accessories a modern man can have in his style armory.

The thing you need to remember with a tie clip is that it’s actually there for a reason, not just to look good. A tie clip keeps your tie secure, no matter what you’re doing. Running to catch a bus home? Look like a boss. Drinking a coffee? Don’t want your tie going for a dip now, do you?


You often see dudes wearing a tie clip right up near the top of the knot. That’s when you know someone doesn’t know why they’re wearing a tie clip. If you’re wearing a three piece suit, you don’t need a tie clip. You certainly don’t need a tie clip sitting under your tonsils.

Sure, a tie clip is a really cool accessory but it should be worn properly or you’re going to look a bit like a chump.

We have a range of tie clips for a variety of styles, something to suit every gentleman out there. From Wooden Tie Clips to vibrant coloured tie clips.

Where should I wear my tie clip?

Drum roll please… Between the 4th and 5th button of your shirt. It’s the perfect location for both looking great and actually being functional.

Our wooden tie clips are really slick and perfect for adding a rustic vibe to an outfit.wooden-tie-clip

Our more contemporary  range of tie clips consists of 6 different colours, all clips are perfect for a skinny tie or a wider tie. black-tie-clip-tie-bar

The black tie clip is perfect for a darker coloured tie to create a subtle contrast which can be very slick.

A few other points you need to remember:

  • Don’t wear a tie clip too wide for your tie
  • Make sure it’s clipped to your shirt, seems obvious but you always see some tie clipped ties billowing in the wind, that’s what the bar/clip is there to prevent!
  • Match the tie clip to the look you’re going for or the event you’re going to

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