Peak Beard:

301ec1f8-9e98-4fc4-8371-d4fa0c776e24_blog_ln_There’s a lot of talk in the last couple of months about “Peak Beard” and if the cyclical cycle of fashion dictates it’s time to ditch the beard.

True, many beards have started to retreat thanks to the arrival of the hazy, hot summer months and we have no doubt that many beards will return come Winter.

In saying that, many people like their beards and don’t just follow whatever fad or trend happens to be thriving, that’s fine too.

All the same, many beards will soon disappear.

To that end, we’ve written up a quick article on the best way to tame the beast of the full beard. Remember, you’ve taken months if not years to grow it so spend some time and enjoy shaving it.

Step 1. Clipper/Scissors

As you all know, we’re not the biggest fans of using electrical good on your face. In saying that, for taming a wild and unruly beard, you can’t really go wrong with a good clippers to get the process underway.

This modern contraption would probably do the job:Phillips Beard Trimmer 9000

Step 2. Wet Shave

Our favourite grooming past time, the traditional Wet Shave. There are several stages for a successful and enjoyable Wet Shave, the proper equipment is key:

  1. Pre-Shave: You’ll want to add a pre-shave oil or cream to soften the bristles of your beard/stubble and to raise them up off the skin as you massage your face. Pre-shave treatments tend to be full of oils which are great for your skin, they’ll also add an extra layer of protection to your face. We particularly like Proraso, it’s a real classic.Proraso-Pre-Shave-Cream-Refresh
  2. Shaving Brush: There are many different types of Shaving Brush on the market, ours are amazing quality boar or badger hair. Boar is a much stiffer hair whereas the various grades of badger provide better lathering and softer hair (to put it simply) as you go up the grades. Our Silver Tip badger is among the most affordable on the market with no sacrifice on quality:DSCF0862
  3. Shaving Soap: There are many shaving soaps and creams on the market (ours is currently in production) and alot of it comes down to personal taste. Do you like a good lather? Good scent? Lots of vitamins and oils for the skin? All of the above?! Obviously a big aspect is the price, any shaving soap or cream should last you for at least 3 months, usually 6 months. Although higher in price than a can of shaving foam, it’ll last much longer and is so much better for your skin. A really great shaving soap is from the Handmade Soap Company (Irish), they recently reformulated their range and the result is a latherer(ererererer)’s dream.
  4. The Razor: Here at we’re quite fond of a traditional Double Edged Safety Razor, not that you would have guessed. Why? They’re so much better for so many reasons, you’ll save money, your face and the environment and just look at them! They’re beautiful with great weight, balance and a smooth shave is guaranteed. We’ve lots of how-to guides on the site so check em out.DSCF0721
  5. Post Shave: Congratulations, you’re now clean shaven, how does it feel? Cold? Invigorating? You’ll get used to it. The final step is to apply some lovely post-shave cream/balm/lotion to soothe and nourish the skin. One of our favourite products because it’s so damn good is the Grafton Aftershave Balm from Truefitt & Hill. A luxurious and traditional scent which is warm and spicy, the perfect accompaniment for an evenings entertainment.Grafton Aftershave Balm

Finally Step 3.

Embrace the clean shaven face.

To finish off your new look, you might want to consider going the whole hog and getting a hair cut, watch this space for an article on Dublin’s Best Grooming Rooms.