Why Wet Shave I hear you ask?

There are numerous benefits to wet shaving not least of all that you’ll save a fortune on blades, you’re being kinder to your skin and you’ll feel like a total boss. Shaving doesn’t need to suck and it doesn’t need to be a morning chore.

Wet shaving came seem a daunting, expensive and time consuming exercise and you wouldn’t be wrong to think that. But if you do think that, you’re approaching it the wrong way.

Originally, men would have used a cut-throat style razor with a brush and cream to shave, that then evolved to a Double Edged Safety Razor with a brush and cream which then evolved to a cartridge razor with a can of shit foam which THEN evolved to an electric razor which meant you saved a heap of time and destroyed your skin with the end result of a nice patchy shave.

A cut-throat razor provides the best shave, end of. But a DE Safety Razor is a very close second. There’s an article on the site detailing the differences between a Safety Razor and a Cartridge Razor, give it a read.

There are three things you need to start wet shaving, a Razor, a shaving brush and some cream. We also have a beginners package that will set you up.

There are varying degree’s of expense when it comes to these items and we’ll discuss those in time but for now remember to moisturise your skin, especially over the winter months, use a good quality shaving cream with your brush. A good razor and an after-shave balm or cream to finish off your shave.


Start Wet Shaving today. You’ll notice the difference straightaway with the closest shave of your life, better skin and flocks of women following you around for no apparent reason.