Movember! We love it. A brilliant story of how an idea grew into a worldwide movement all in the name of Men’s Health.

The idea is to grow a moustache, raise money, and get people talking about Men’s health. If you’ve ever participated before you’ll know of the utter comraderie that exists between Mo Bro’s. You’re out in the pub, happily taking your first sip of Guinness both knowing and secretly hoping that you’ll have a big dirty Guinness tasche after it, you’ll catch the eye of the owner of another Guinness Tasche and you’ll give each other the nod. Brilliant.


It’s such a great cause to raise money for Cancer research, mental health charities and a host of other brilliant and worthwhile charities.

If you’re partaking in Movember, drop us a message and we’ll hook you up with a hearty discount, it’s the least we can do. We’ll be growing alongside you all, albeit badly, but the thought is there!

Keep it tidy,