Shaving With a Doubled Edged Safety Razor is better than a cartridge razor for many reasons, here’s a guide on how to shave with a  Doubled Edged Safety Razor for beginners.

Taking the time to shave first thing in the morning is important. 10 minutes to yourself is the perfect way to start your day, level your head and get focused. If you start your day rushing and running out the door, you’re going to be stressed, scatty and generally not 100%.

10 minutes in the morning might seem like a lot, but it’s not. Using the time to treat yourself to an enjoyable activity is the perfect way to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders.

Shaving with a Double Edged Safety razor is a really nice way to shave once you get in to it. Here’s a how to Guide on How to Shave with a Safety Razor, read on:

Step 1: Preparation.


Get your house in order! Every man needs their own part of the bathroom, yours should have your grooming essentials. We’re talking oils,creams, balms, razors, brushes, gel, cologne, talc etc. etc. Keep it organised and you’ll save time each morning.

Step 2: Cleansing Scrub


This picture is gas.

The key to a great, smooth shave is making sure you give your face a good wash beforehand. The foundation of any good build is what counts in the end, your foundation here is starting with a clean face. We recommend using a cleansing scrub to rid the face of any debris, sweat, dirt etc. You should actually use a cleansing scrub at night too, it’s great for ridding the face of grime of a daily commute. A great way to relax before bed too.

Whilst your washing your face with warm water, soak your shaving brush in warm water too, this will help the brush collect water for a good thick lather.

3. Pre- Shave

how to shave with a safety razor-shaving-oil

Your pre-shave treatment is incredibly important, most people skip it and that’s their downfall. Don’t let it be yours! You can either go for a pre-shave gel or a pre-shave oil. Both are excellent and come down to personal preference.

You can really take your time here and massage it into your face, it’s so relaxing and it helps get all the goodness of the products into your skin.

The scents and natural oils will really awaken your senses. The eucalyptus in our shaving oil adds a very welcome kick in the mornings.

Once your oil is on, your brush is still soaking don’t forget, it’s time to move towards the lather.

4. Building a Lather

That’s a latherin’ Our Manly Shaving Soap and hand turned wooden lather bowl 👌🏻 Good morning ☀️

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The lather is probably the most important part of your shave. A really thick, slick lather will help the razor glide over your skin,slicing hairs efficiently as it goes.

The key to lather is pre-soaking the brush and if you’re using a shaving soap, pre-soaking that too. It’ll help the water soak into the soap and make it a bit softer and more receptive to your shaving brush. If you’re using shaving cream, an almond sized amount is needed. That’s all. A tub or tube of shaving cream will last you months hence why they’re such good value.


A good lather is thick, creamy and provides protection to the skin.

If you’re going with a soap, then simply hold the brush in one hand and whirl it around the top of the soap until it starts to foam. This isn’t the foam you wont, keep going until that foam turns into a nice thick lather. You’ll know when you get there, it’ll be nice and creamy.

Once you have your brush ‘loaded’ with lather, it’s time to apply to your face. Again, this is a nice therapeutic ritual. The aim is to paint it on as if you were using a paint brush (wax on, wax off).

You’re better off avoiding circular motions when applying the lather as it may damage the bristles. It might not though so personal preference.

Using a shaving brush is actually great for exfoliation of the skin too.

The goal here is to have a thick, even lather covering where you want to shave.

5. Get shavingpablo (4)

OK, so you’re lathered up and ready to go. The top three things to remember when using your DE Safety Razor:

  1.  Load the blade properly, make sure it’s straight and an equal safety-razoramount of exposure on both sides
  2.  30′ is your ideal angle here, start there and adjust as necessary
  3. No pressure! You don’t need to apply pressure, the weight of the handle is enough to apply solid, even pressure


Start your shave by applying smooth strokes, with a good grip of the handle and the razor head at a 30′ angle to your face. This angle isn’t too extreme so the risk of nicking yourself is slim. As you want a closer shave, create a more aggressive blade to skin angle so more blade is exposed.

Take your time initially getting the angle right. Aim to shave twice for a smooth face then once you get the hang of it, you’ll get it first time.

Go with the grain in the direction of fair growth, this is key! You can map your hair growth by examining your stubble after a few days shave

We’re making a video on how to wet shave but for the moment, here’s a somewhat dated but always relevant 10 minute tutorial.

6. Post-shave treatmentpablo (6)

Maybe the most important part bar the actual shaving. The post shave treatment.

Right after shaving, a nice splash of cold water to cool down and draw blood away from the skin, followed by alum for any nicks.

Your skin now needs some nourishment after that shave. Any and all of our balms contain ingredients to help sooth and revitalize the skin. This one from groomed is great value and has a nice menthol kick which will really wake you up! It’s all natural too.

St James of London have lovely all natural balms and Truefitt and Hill’s balms smell amazing and are renowned for their quality.

Our own Manly Shave Balm is organic and specifically for those with sensitive skin.

Get the professionals.

If you’re in Dublin, Ireland then we strongly recommend popping along to Men’s Grooming Ireland for a haircut and hot towel shave. These guys know what’s what. Trust us.

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