Boar Hair vs Badger Hair Shaving Brushes – Which Is Best?

A quick word about our shaving brushes. We source them directly from the factory and keep them branding free to ensure you get a incredibly high quality product at a very affordable price. We keep overheads to a minimum and focus on the product and getting you the best shave possible. You’ll love your new shaving brush, whichever you go for!

To start, there are four main different types of shaving brush:

  • Boar Bristle shaving brush
  • Badger Hair shaving brush
  • Horse Hair shaving brush
  • Synthetic shaving brush

The most popular types of shaving brush are badger and boar shaving brushes although synthetic shaving brushes are becoming a very popular substitute for those who prefer something without animal hair.

For beginners, we tend to recommend boar hair/bristle shaving brushes. The basic idea of a shaving brush is to be able to whip up a lather from your soap or cream, remove the dead skin cells off your face and lift the hairs off your face to make it easier to shave.

Boar Hair Shaving Brushes

Boar Hair Shaving Brushes are cheaper than badger brushes, our are only 9.99 EUR. The very same brush can retail for over 20 EUR in some shops.  The boar bristle brush can be a bit stiffer at the start which is actually good as you can whip up a good lather quite easily.

Boar hair also has hooks at the end which really helps lift the skin off the face to ensure a super close shave. Boar Hair actually splits at the end, similar to human hair. As these hairs splits, this actually helps the boar soften up and be ‘broken in’.

It can take a few weeks sometimes (depending on how often you shave) to break in a boar brush but they’ll last a long time thereafter.

Some people prefer the tougher quality of a boar brush as they feel it helps exfoliate better, what do you prefer? Let us know!

Our two boar shaving brushes, both 9.99:



Badger Shaving Brushes

Badger Shaving Brushes are more expensive and feel more luxurious to their boar counterparts. You can check out our full range here.

Prices range from a very affordable 14.99 up to our super luxurious High White Mountain Badger Shaving Brush at 99.99. A badger shaving brush can provide a more luxurious experience and can literally last for years once they’re taken care of properly.

Badger brushes certainly have a softer feel to them and the physical property of badger hair allows it to both retain water and heat better, two things that can often help to obtain a denser, stronger lather.

There are different levels of badger shaving brush which we explain in an other article but in summary you can get black/pure, best, finest, silvertip and HWM. We’ve over 15 to choose from!


Personal Shaving Preference

At the end of the day, it’s your shave and it’ll take you some experimenting to decide what type of brush you prefer. Once you find the right brush, it can be very rewarding and you can always flog any old brushes!