Safety Razors, Shaving Brushes & Shaving Soap – Your new best friends

If you’re still using a multi-blade cartridge razor, you should really consider stopping. Why? There are a number of reasons:

  • They’re awful for your skin
  • They’re really expensive
  • Terrible for the environment
  • You’re better than that
  • There’s an alternative


A cartridge razor, consisting of 5 blades and a bit of plastic to keep them together, provides a really close shave.

Too close.

Instead of cutting the hair, a cartridge razor will actually get below the level of the skin and pull the hair out of your face. Ever try to hack through some thick stubble?

Bingo, it’s not enjoyable.

And let’s not get started on razor burn! Most razor companies will give you a “free” handle and some blades. You think you’re getting a bargain but in reality, they have you. You’re going to keep going back to the same brand and buying blades that are costing maybe €20 for 5, or you could go the discount route and get them for €10.

Either way, your skin and your bank balance wont’ thank you.

Using a Safety Razor is better because:knight-safety-razor

  • It’s cheaper – blades are around .50c each and less if bought in bulk
  • It’s much better for your skin – reduced razor burn and irritations
  • It’s better for the environment, no plastic here!
  • The razors are made using metal and will last a long time
  • They make your bathroom look fantastic
  • Forces you to slow down in the morning and have some ‘You Time’

You can read a guide on how to wet shave here.


A relaxing shave is the perfect way to start a day.

The cost here isn’t the important factor, your skin is! You’ve probably suffered razor burn, blotchy skin and that stinging sensation before.

It’s time to change.


The best alternative and most cost friendly alternative is the traditional and reliable Safety Razor. A safety razor consists of a metal handle and head which holds a stainless steel DE razor blade.


The DE razor blade has a single cutting plane, that means that the blade will slice through the stubble as opposed to pulling it from your face. The result? A nice smooth shave for a fraction of the cost.


Wet Shaving Revival

There’s a reason that traditional wet shaving is making a comeback, people are realising that you can get a better shave and a cheaper shave by doing it the old fashioned way.straight-razor


Another option, for the most adventurous or shaving aficionado is the straight razor.

Shaving with a straight razor requires patience and care but is the most rewarding form of shaving.

Where did the Safety Razor Come from?

The origin of the safety razor is very interesting, it all started back during World War II. You can read more about that here:

The Origin of the Safety Razor

You can also read about it’s decline and how the modern razor came about.

Another aspect of Wet Shaving is the Shaving Brush. A shaving brush can be made from boar, badger, or synthetic fibers. There are subtle differences between all of them which is discussed in more detail here.shaving-set-fancy


The Shaving Soap:

The last aspect of your new shaving routine is the shaving soap. Shaving Soap’s are usually made with natural ingredients as opposed to cans rammed full of chemicals that you’ll get in most supermarkets etc.

It takes a bit of time to lather up your soap and it’s worth it! The protective lather will nourish your skin and provide protection so the razor slices and dices those hairs, leaving your skin soft as a baby.


The beauty of using a Safety Razor is that it forces you to slow down in the morning. In a world of constant communication and constant demand, it can be hard to get some time that’s truly to yourself. Forget the quick shave in the morning, get up earlier, get the jog in and take 10 minutes for a proper shave to gather your thoughts. You won’t regret it and you’ll have a better day because of


Wet Shaving is better for your skin, more cost effective in the long term and can help ease you in to your hectic day.

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