Safety Razor Shaving and why it makes more sense.

Have you ever thought about the evolution of the shaving razor you’re using? Probably not but it’s an interesting story of need, opportunity and greed.

This article is a quick read of the beginnings of the cartridge razor and why a double edged safety razor is still a better investment.

By double edged safety razor, we are of course referring to the fantastic safety razors we make at manly stuff, like our knight, captain and stainless steel models. It’s double edged because a single blade is exposed on both sides for shaving with.

Safety Razors began their popular rise during World War I then grew exponentially during World War II with a sharp decline in the ’60s.

So what happened to the beautiful safety razor and why the decline?

The double edged safety razor initially took off to replace the ultimate shaving accessory, the straight razor. The double edged safety razor had a replaceable blade that didn’t need to be stropped and there was less chance of nicking yourself with little technique needed to get a great shave.


Chrome Safety Razor Shaving Set

The double edged safety razor essentially came about because of a contract that the Gillette Safety Razor company won. To supply razors to the entire US army, 32 million blades to fit 3.5 million razors. This helped Gillette stamp their authority on the market whilst also making the safety razor model popular.soldier-shaving

The Safety Razor then started to decline. Why? Like any company, they need to make money. With heavy marketing, the economics of cartridges and disposable razors started to make sense. To Gillette.

The Shaving Industry traditionally works by what’s called “loss leader marketing”, that is you give away something very cheaply or free then make money on another critical element of the product.

Like a discount supermarket where you go for the specials then leave with your weekly shop.

Gillette pioneered loss leader marketing in shaving by giving away a cheap disposable plastic razor then charging a fortune for the replaceable blades, they’re still at it as people buy in to their marketing guff and pay over the odds. People buy into the brand and then the razor manufactures have you forever, or so they thought.

This model falls apart if you can get a cheap razor from Gillette and then cheap blades elsewhere. Cartridge razor manufactures need you to buy their expensive blades and that means they need to control the patent for the blades. As the 60’s came to an end, the patent for Double Edge Shaving was running out. Which meant that the shaving companies had two options, charge for the razor or make new blades.

The Creation of the Cartridge Razor:

With the loss leader model being too profitable to drop, the big companies developed the new cartridge head so they could patent it and sell it at huge margins.cartridge razor


These changes were technologies driven by marketing, not the search for a better shave. Which is why you won’t see any barber worth their salt shaving with a cartridge razor or a disposable razor. A shave with a straight razor or a double edged safety razor is much better than a cartridge razor, just the big brands won’t make as much money from you.


We’re not even going to start on electric razors. A quick shave is not something we’re fond of, and neither should you!

Why are people reverting to the safety razor?

The reason more people are coming back to double edged shaving and it’s revival is that people are getting sick of the corporate vomit being thrown their way.

Double Edged shaving with a DE Safety razors feels better, does a better job and the razors are beautifully made to last.

You’ll get less irritation from a double edged shave then from a hashed up cartridge razor shave with some awful gel. There is not better feeling than lathering up some shaving soap with your shaving brush with a nice mug of warm coffee beside it.

People are happy to pay a bit more to save in the long run, have you compared the prices of double edged razor blades to cartridge razors? It’s a no brainer!

OF course, people are more environmentally conscious now too, the only waste with a safety razor is the blade, which can be recycled!


Your morning shave should be an enjoyable ritual.

So we whole heartily welcome the revival of safety razors and more durable goods.

Enjoy a better shave and in the long run, really save money! Why not check out our shaving sets, they offer great value and everything you need to get started.

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