Lemon & Duke Dublin

Being both avid Rugby and alcohol fans, we were really intrigued to hear the Irish quartet of Jamie Heaslip, Seán O’Brien, Rob Kearney and Dave Kearney were opening a new watering hole after their success with The Bridge 1859 in Ballsbridge.

We were at the opening night back when The Bridge 1859 opened and got absolutely tanked on their Pilsner – it’s a pretty strong beer. Crisp, fresh and delish.

The moment you walk in the door of Lemon & Duke, you feel the quality and sophistication of the venue. What once was the Grafton Lounge – a staple for some people of Dublin, it’s been transformed into a fresh, upmarket venue that would feel right at home in the City of London or NYC.

We are now serving lunch from 12-3pm every weekday!

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That’s one big noticeable change since things have picked up in Ireland.

Gone are the sticky floor pubs with weird purple lighting and velvet bits here and there. Here are the upmarket, high quality cocktail bars and restaurants. Look at the likes of House, Xico, Sams Bar – all beautiful venues and Lemon & Duke slots in there perfectly. Actually, maybe slightly ahead.

Lemon & Duke feels like a more mature venue, their food looks fantastic. Their  decor is spot on with a blend of beautiful leather chairs and couches with thoughtfully exposed concrete pillars and wrought iron beams.

Their cocktail menu is refreshingly different with some staples and new creations alongside.

Noel Anderson, the part owner, said on twitter that this new venture is a year and a half in the pipeline. It’s easy to see why, Lemon & Duke is now one of Dublin’s nicest places to go for a post-work drink or weekend brunch. We popped in Thursday evening and the place was heaving. It was still relatively easy to get a drink and a seat so happy days.

Lemon and Duke Dublin

We can whole-heart-idly recommend Lemon & Duke whether you want to grab a lunch, impress the first date or grab a quick beer with the lads. (they’ve a great selection!)

Who knows, you might bump into some of Ireland finest Rugby Players knocking about.