With the increased awareness of the environmental damage of shaving with modern razors, and the benefits of using a zero waste shaving razor have become a lot more prominent recently. At a high level, the benefits of using a Safety Razor as opposed to a modern cartridge razor include:

  • No plastic – Our Safety Razors are all made from metal and the packaging is all recycled
  • Better Shave – A Safety Razor uses a single blade which means less ingrown hairs and irritation
  • A Single Blade – A singled two edged blade means less waste going to landfill, each blade will give 6 shaves comfortably
  • Cheaper Shaves – There is a slight investment needed when purchasing a DE Safety Razor, our start at €29.99 or you can pick up a great Beginner Safety Razor Shaving Set for €49.99 which contains everything you need. The savings though come in the form of the replacement blades which can be as low as .20 cent a blade.
Chrome Shaving Set
Our Chrome Shaving Set

Best Place to Buy a Safety Razor in Ireland

There are a number of online shops now selling Safety Razors in Ireland, we’re going to give you an honest overview of the best place to get a Safety Razors in Ireland and the types of Safety Razors available on the market.

Here are the top 5 places to buy a Safety Razors in Ireland:

  • The Dublin Shaving Company – A really cool small Irish business selling excellent quality handmade shaving goods
  • Manly Stuff – Obviously we sell a wide range of our own Safety Razors, we’ll go in to more detail about our Safety Razors below
  • Bearradh – Stunning & Sleek Safety Razors for Women from €49.99
  • Shaving.ie – Good Range of widely available Safety Razors such as Muhle, Rockwell etc. Fairly pricey, Safety Razors are around €40
  • Cuando – An Irish Gift Site Selling some Safety Razors
  • There are other places selling online in Ireland but we don’t really recommend these as they just resell razors from China.
Matte Black Mens Shaving Set
Matte Black Shaving Set

Safety Razors Ireland – An overview of our Manly Stuff Safety Razors

At Manly Stuff, we started selling Safety Razors back in 2015 because we couldn’t find affordable Safety Razors anywhere else in Ireland. We started selling Parker Safety Razors but then we quickly decided the quality wasn’t good enough. We spent a lot of time researching the best Safety Razors, where they’re made, how they’re made and we contacted these factories directly. We eventually got a small artisan producer who agreed to make our Safety Razors to our design and specification.

We’ve had several different models over the years but our most popular are always The Knight and our Zero Waste Wooden Safety Razor. We did a limited run of Full Brass Safety Razors which were really popular but we lost a fortune on them as they cost so much to make and we didn’t want to charge high prices as it goes against what we do here.

Our Safety Razors are all designed for beginners and are designed to give the perfect shaving experience. Shaving with a Safety Razor is an enjoyable experience because you need to take your time a bit more and take your time. Using a Shaving Brush is also a very enjoyable part of your shave as it helps lift the hair away from the skin and leads to a closer shave.

The biggest part of using a Safety Razor is the fact that there’s so little waste and it’s so much cheaper to use them in the long run. Replacement razor blades are as little as .20cent when you buy a bulk pack of the razors blades and our favourite razor blades for shaving are the Astra Razor Blades.

Safety Razor & Shaving Brush

Shaving with a Safety Razor

Shaving with a Safety Razor is a little different to shaving with a cartridge razor, you don’t need to apply pressure like you normally would with a gillette razor, you just let the weight of the razor do the work for you. You hold the razor at a 30 Degree Angle to your face and never go against the grain – this is what leads to ingrown hairs and irritation. Aim for 5-6 shaves for each razor blades but once the blades starts to tug at your skin then replace it. Mens stubble is similar to copper wire so it can wear down razor blade quite quickly.

What’s important to bare in mind when using a Safety Razor us that you need to use the correct shaving products such as shaving oil, shaving soap and a good after shave balm.

Using a Safety Razor should be an enjoyable activity and one that you should enjoy.

Any questions, email us at info@manlystuff.ie and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.