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Brand Promise

1. Provide Excellent Quality products that we would use ourselves

2.Dispatch our orders quickly, accept returns with no hassle and keep our customers up to date at every step

3.Provide a consistently excellent service to our customers and provide unique mens gifts & Safety Razors

4.Provide the best Safety Razors, Shaving Brushes, Pocket Squares, Watches and Men’s products on the market

5.Keep our prices fair & affordable and have a product for every price point

Customer Ratings


99.7% of our Customers Leave Happy and Come Back Again

In 2022 we’re aiming to make that 100%!

 We aim to bring you the Best Safety Razors, Shaving Brushes and shaving products in Ireland for affordable prices.

Shaving with a Safety razors is better for your face, better for the environment and cheaper than a cartridge razor.

Upgrade your shave with a DE Safety Razor.

 Safety Razors, Shaving Soap, Shaving Creams,Straight Razors and much more.

 Our Range of Pocket Squares, Men’s Ties, Minimalist Watches and Shirt Stays are luxury quality at an affordable price.

Our Pocket Squares and ties are made from either Silk, Cotton or Wool and are all made in the EU,

Our Minimalist Watches from W&W feature Japanese Movements, Genuine Leather Straps and Excellent designs.

Our Magnetic Collar Stays are made from Stainless Steel with strong magnets to keep your collar stiff even when you’re wilting!

Groomsman Gift Ideas

We provide beautiful boxes for your Groomsmen and excellent Men’s Gift Ideas.

We prefer to create Custom Groomsman Boxes so if you’re checking out our products, just drop us an email, we’ll create something your guys will really appreciate and give you a great deal to boot.

Your Groomsmen are your Band of Brothers, the men that have been with you since you were a boy, you want to know that you appreciate them without getting them something daft. Give us plenty of notice, a good gift takes time to create, don’t leave it till the last minute!

 Our Range of Minimalist Watches  are luxury quality at an affordable price.

Our Watches all come from the great Irish Brand W&W  who supply stunning minimalist watches at great prices.

W&W Watches are inspired by the 1930’s and are brought in to the modern age by using cutting edge manufacturing processes and materials. Their wallets are made from Saffiano Leather or Full Grain Italian Leather. Stunning quality accessories at very fair prices.

Hear what our customers say:

I used to have terrible trouble shaving with a cartridge razor and got totally sick of paying €20 for 4 blades. I used to suffer from razor burn quite a lot, bought a Safety Razor and that was that, I never looked back. I couldn’t find affordable razors in Ireland that weren’t just overpriced brand names and so, I founded Manly Stuff. We’ve grown at a crazy rate and gone from just Safety Razors to a full selection of mens grooming and lifestyle accessories.
I only shave on occasion but was using a cartridge razor. Head of DE Safety Razors so said I’d give them a shot. Manly Stuff made the transition really easy, great quality razors, cool shaving brushes and a good range of soaps. Shaving with a DE Safety Razor is super easy, haven’t cut myself at all yet. Totally recommend Manly Stuff!
Once upon a time I used to be a guy who used shaving razors but they always left me irritated and gave me ingrown hairs. So imagine my skepticism when I got sent a Razor. However I decided to give it a try cause you have to admit there’s something uber manly about using a Razor especially an old school safety Razor like this one! I absolutely love the ManlyStuff.ie products
I received a manlystuff travel razor as a gift a few months ago. Before that, I was using a normal Gillette fusion razor. The razor is beautiful aesthetically, it is heavy and feels like quality. I wasn’t sure about its ability with only one blade on either side; my doubts were quickly cleared up however. Having used the razor for about a week or so, I found that the one blade caused less irritation , which I had had before, and a very clean shave. I’m not sure why people no longer use safety razors, I love it. 6 months of use and it feels like new. We need more lasting, quality products like this. Highly recommend it. Thanks for introducing me manlystuff.
Malachy Lynam
I suffer from sensitive skin, always have. I heard about safety razors and that they’re better than cartridge razors or electric razors. I was pretty hesitant to try them as they looked a bit scary with that blade. Bought the brush and razor set to try and was hooked! Great value, amazing shave and I no longer have a problem with razor burn. The service from Manly Stuff was great and I’ve been a customer for over 2 years now.