The smell of leather from the Souks in Marrakech is one of my favourite memories. Freshly cut and dyed, those guys could make anything. I bought a beautiful weekender for (after much haggling) $60.


Moroccan made leather weekender bags on a break down the country in Ireland.

The bartering was great, so much fun. The most fantastic thing was the quality, it was absolutely amazing. These guys sitting around all day, making beautiful leather work with all of those scents and smells. The spices, coffee, leather, shit. Amazing. Well maybe not the shit but that’s part of the experience. The shit and the crazy motorists. Anyway.

Back in college, I had a really great friend called Malachy, Mal was always a dreamer, drinking wine and playing guitar. We used to talk glorious amounts of crap, it was fantastic, drunken philosophers. We both went to college for 4 years then worked in the same company for a little while, Investment funds – yawn. I split to work for a start-up and Mal headed to Vietnam to teach English. I think he won that contest.

We both had a dream of working to live, not living to work and are both now on the path to doing so, which is great.

Mal’s recently starting making absolutely stunning handmade leather goods in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. He buys the leather, tans it, cuts it, sews it and scorches your name or message on it, all by hand whilst no doubt talking some more gloriously philosophical verses.


A stunning example of a Gentlemen’s Briefcase

His company is Oakwill Goods.

They’re on the book too.

The first time I saw these beautiful leather goods, it struck me that this quality is unparalleled. The thought that has gone in to the angles, the cuts, the leather, the attention to detail  is obvious to see and the result is beautiful.

Mal specialises in slim, minimalist wallets. Similar in principle to our  leather cardholders.

He makes and sells a whole range of leather goods though, for men and women.

What closes the deal for me, is the personalised touch.

Although €270 for a briefcase might seem expensive for some, you must remember that quality isn’t expensive and these leather goods are quality. If you were in London, you’d pay £1,000+ for this level of workmanships.


These breathe quality and perfection. They’re handmade for people like you and me.

The days of the bulging wallet are gone, you don’t need that free coffee card with 3 stamps from that city you lived in two years ago, you’re not going back there! Let it go.

Minimalist wallets are the thing now. They make more sense, a couple of cards, some notes and that’s all you really need.



One of Oakwill’s promises is that they only use materials that are made to last so rest assured, these products are going to last. My favourite aspect of leather is the natural ageing, just look at how beautifully this ages:


Goods from Oakwill will age gracefully with you. They’ll travel well with you and they’re totally reliable.


Buying handmade goods is a choice, a lifestyle choice. You’ll pay more than you would on the highstreet but these are made by craftsmen, using their hands, carrying on a tradition. These traditions and personalities are so important in a world that’s quickly losing both of those things.

Focus on the small things, the things that make you smile. These products, when you pick them up, smell the leather, will make you smile.


Enjoy and support your crafts people!13548777_1219524854738092_49004968_o