When it comes to dressing in the morning, there is nothing more imperative than nailing the details.

If you’re dressing for work, lets face it: It can get a bit dull donning the same suit and tie combo everyday with the somewhat ironed shirt stuffed into your pants with a slice of toast hanging out of your mouth as you leg it for the bus.

We don’t condone this behavior.
If you want to be your best, you need to feel your best and to feel your best; you sometimes need to look your best.

Rushing is a big no-no when it comes to maintaining a positive sense of mental health. You’re panicked, releasing the bad juju and you’re already off to a bad start.

I need help, where do I start?!

First up – exercise!

Get your jogging or gym stuff ready the night before so you can literally fall in to your tracksuit and stumble out the door, even if you stumbled in the night before. Nothing like a good run on a fresh morning to stir the senses and wake you up.


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Next: The Shave.

You want to go with a good proper shave, none of this foam on the face, cartridge razor being pulled all over your face.

You can read a complete guide here on how to wet shave.

Take your time, the 5 point shave:

  1. Exfoliate & pre-shave oil
  2. Lather with a shaving brush
  3. Apply
  4. Shave
  5. Cold water & post shave balm

Whilst having the shave, your coffee is brewing for you. We’re not talking instant here (unless you like it, which is fine!). Invest in a good French press or machine.

If you live in Dublin, you have to get coffee from Silver Skin. Always freshly roasted, always a beautiful coffee.

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A good run or weights sessions gets the endorphins going and the blood pumping.

A good wet shave gives you time to think, to wake up and to relax.

A good coffee gives you something to enjoy and something to awaken the senses. You’re ready to dress yourself, congratulations.
With a clear and focused mind, it’s time to dress to impress. Check out our article on pairing your shirt and tie over here. LINK

Where do I start, there’s so much to learn!

We hear you padwan, we’re here to help.
The key to any good outfit is co-ordination. Co-ordination does not mean matching. You don’t want to look like a clown.
Start your outfit from the head down.
• A well groomed face, bearded, clean shaven or trademark stubble
• A hint of cologne, solid colognes are making a huge comeback and are great. You want to wear enough for people you want to smell it to be able to smell it. You’re not trying to fumigate here
• Collars – Keep em stiff. Collar stiffeners are a must for tieless outfits.
• Tie – tie it properly, you can’t go wrong with a full Windsor. Tip touches the belt, end of. Not that tip!
Tie clip, perfect for keeping the look together and adding some pizazz
• Lapel – A lapel pin can be a nice touch if it’s done right. Don’t go lapel pin, pocket square, tie clip and tie. You’ll look like an eejit, it’s a fine rope we tread gentlemen
Pocket Square – Great for spicing up and outfit. White shirt? White pocket square if you have a loud tie
• Belt & Watch – Matching leathers or matching bulk and link strap. So black leather, black strap. Gold link watch, gold buckle on the belt
• Socks – You can always get away with some colourful socks, just make sure the colour works
• Shoes – Matching the belt

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Peaceful Morning Shave

Here’s 8 key faux paux to avoid:
• Clothes that don’t fit – Too baggy or too tight, don’t make the mistake
• Dirty shoes – Serious no no, if you don’t respect yourself, no-one else will
• Improper tie length – Nothing screams amateur like a badly tied tie, never mind the length. The tip should touch your belt, end of discussion.
• To button or not to button the suit – If standing, 1 button, if sitting, no buttons.
• Too many colours – One floral item per outfit, it’s the focal point, not a stop over.
• Too much cologne – What are you? A teenager on the pull?
• Bulk pockets – Get rid of the door stop wallet already LINK
• Badly groomed facial hair – Have a beard? Sorted. Clean shaven? Great. Whispy bum fluff? Get back to your Gameboy, amateur.

Congratulations my boy, you’re a man now. Go out in the world and make an impression!

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