Razor Rash, Razor Burn & Razor Bumps: How can I get rid of it?

Razor burn can be an absolute nightmare. That burning sensation, so bad, that you’ll do anything to make it stop. We always laugh at that old Gillette Ad of the dudes sticking their face in the freezer after using a cartridge razor.


A cartridge razor works by the first blade pulling the hair away from the skin, the subsequent blades cut the hair so short that they actually cut the hair below the skin and can pull it out in some cases.

This is what leads to ingrown hairs and Razor Burn.

Take a look at where the Safety Razor came from and it’s evolution into the cartridge razor. In short, Gillette’s Patent over the Safety Razor ran out so they had to come up with a new design so us poor schmucks would shell out more money. The cartridge razor didn’t come about to get a better shave, it came about so companies could make more money from their customers!

The best shave you can get is from an experienced barber giving a hot towel shave. You just can’t beat it. We recommend Mens Grooming Sandyford if you live in Dublin and if you do want an amazing service – we’re talking whiskey, coffee, shaving and mop chopping.

Second to a hot towel shave is using a Safety Razor. The one blade means you’ll get a smooth shave that will only cut the hair on skin level, it won’t dig down and cause ingrown hairs. The beauty of a Safety Razor is it’s so cheap, blades cost next to nothing if purchased in bulk.

Learn How to Shave with a Safety Razor  and you’ll start to enjoy shaving again, a wet shave is one of the simple pleasures in life but one of the best.

Avoiding Razor Burn can be simple and the video in that link has some great tips too from a guy called Nick Shaves.

A quick summary of a good grooming routine to get into:

  1. Soak your shaving soap and shaving brush before you hop into the shower, a hot shower will help open your pores
  2. Apply a good pre-shave oil to your skin when it’s still wet, massage it in, you can do this when in the shower
  3. Using your Shaving Brush, whip up a good lather, using a soap will take a bit more time. If you’re using a shaving cream, just take an almond size amount and using your shaving brush on your skin
  4. Pick up your Safety Razor, pop in a blade and slowly, using short strokes, start to shave. Use a 30 degree angle and take it slowly. You don’t need to add pressure, the weight of the Safety Razor will do that for you
  5. After you’ve got the type of shave you’re looking for, either after one pass or several, throw some cold water of your face to wash away the excess shaving cream and help cool the skin. Cold water helps draw the blood away from the skin so will help soothe any nicks
  6. If you do have any nicks, either use an alum match to close it or styptic razor gel
  7. Apply a post shave balm and you’re good to go!



Taking the time in the morning to have a proper wet shave will reap the benefits in the long term. You’ll be more relaxed, more focused and generally have a better day. I know it sounds ridiculous to propose that a shave can help you have a better day but it’s the sum of parts, if you start the day well, wellness will follow.