Wooden Watches

Our range of wooden watches consists of Bamboo, Maple, Sandalwood and more in a variety of styles. Read on to find out more..


A beautiful Sandalwood Wooden Watch and leather minimalist wallet.

Our wooden watches are made from a variety of woods such as Bamboo, Maple, Sandalwood and Ebony. They differ slightly in terms of weight and grain but we’d always recommend going for the look that you like as opposed to the timber used.


Our Wooden Watches are handmade and hand finished and before they’re sent out to you, we check each and every watch to make sure it’s ticking as it should, any problems and we’ll switch it right out for you.


As with most of our products, we’ve kept them logo and branding free to ensure you get the utmost pleasure from being able to see the natural beauty of the different woods in all of their glory.


Each Wooden Watch has it’s own unique grain and personality and no two are alike. Each one will age differently and have it’s own personality.



Our Wooden Watches all contain quality Japanese Quartz movements
which are the same movements used in watches such as MVMT, Daniel Wellington along with all of the big brands like Guess, Armani etc.


We’ve sold hundreds of our Wooden Watches all over the globe and to date have never had  an issue or return. People from as far as Australia have bought them and then bought them for their family.


These Wooden Watches are so beautiful and light on the wrist, they rarely get sticky and the straps are genuine leather which helps with sweat.



Water Protection

These watches have a 3ATM which means they’re only suitable for a light splash, don’t take them into the sea/shower etc. as the wood will eventually become tarnished and the movement could become damaged. The leather straps are very robust yet very supple.


They’ll mold around your wrist and become part of you.


The watches are light enough to not be obtrusive and really mix up a formal outfit nicely. With an 8mm thickness, they’re quite slim yet have a suitable amount of heft to not be too dainty, they’re actually perfect for both men and women, the face diameter is 42 mm so again, not too big or too small.


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