Double Edged Safety Razors AKA DE Safety Razors

Safety Razors, or DE Safety Razors provide a far superior shave to their modern cartridge toting equivalents. We are proud of our ever changing and ever improving range of Safety Razors. We have a quality, affordable range for every beard type and every skin type out there.

  • Better, closer, smoother shave
  • More cost efficient than cartridge razors
  • Sturdy, solid metal construction – No plastic!
  • A Long life is guaranteed
  • Increased satisfaction through morning mindfulness

A chrome safety razor is the perfect addition to your grooming ritual.


The best safety razor depends on your skin, budget and taste. It’s an individual thing, each one has its own personality and it’ll take time to get to know it. We don’t think there’s one perfect safety razor but read on to view ours.

Our Safety Razor collection consists of Stainless Steel Safety Razors and our standard safety razors. Our Stainless Steel razor handles are made from Stainless Steel and the heads are chrome plated nickel which means they’re a little lighter and softer on the skin. The weight of the handle means you’ll get a super close shave without having to add weight.

Our Standard range consists of a number of different models:

Our DE Safety Razors

Lets get started with our most popular razor, the “Plain & Simple”. It’s a medium weight razor with a medium length handle. It’s popular with beginners due it the smoothness of it’s shave and with more seasoned Wet Shavers because of the quality and price. It’ll slice through heavy growth with ease whilst also keeping stubble to a minimum. This is our standard razor and is included with all gift sets and starter packs. At €19.99 it’s the perfect place to start your Wet Shaving experience.


The Captain:

The Captain’s Range of Safety Razors provide a slightly more aggressive shave whilst still remaining very applicable to Black-Captainbeginners. Combine this razor with a blade like a Gilette Nacet and you’ll have the smoothest The Captain Chrome1shave. A little bit more heavy weight and popular with those who like a classic appearance, very easy to move around the face with a rewarding shave. A beautiful piece and available in cream too, at €24.99 it’s a bargain.


The Duke is a similar model to the Captain but is fully chrome plated.





The Jester:

Next up is “The Jester”. A beautiful and unique razor with an Anodized appearance, it’ll provide a beautiful smooth shave. It has a longer handle and heavier weight which means less pressure so nice and easy on your skin. Match this DE Safety Razor with the the right razor blade for your skin, and you’ll have years of shaving perfection to come.



The Knight:

The Knight is a Matte Black( some gloss still available here) DE Safety Razor. This is our proudest creation, with a medium weight and medium to long handle, it’s the grip and texture that set this bad boy apart. This Matte Black DE Safety Razor is a pleasure to behold and feels amazing in the hand, great grip thanks to the stippled handle it will look amazing in your bathroom – only €24.99 for a limited time.







The last Safety Razor we’re going to touch on is the”Travel Safety Razor”. A travel razor, complete with pouch which breaks down into 3 main parts. It screws together in an instant and is actually our heaviest razor. I brought it to Morocco for a holiday recently, I had to shave every day with it because it was so good! It’s quite aggressive so is good for the more experience Wet Shaver but provides the closest of



We have a few more in our collection so why not have a look over here. What do you love about Safety Razors and Wet Shaving? Tell us in the comment section or tweet us!