The minimalist wallet is thin, small and lightweight but still functional enough to carry everything you need.

What’s the difference between a minimalist wallet and a normal wallet? A minimalist wallet is for the essentials.

Well a minimalist wallet or slim wallet is a wallet which contains the bare essentials. Your bank cards, ID, travel card and
some cash. What else do you need in your wallet?

That rubber has been there for months, quit kidding yourself!

Our minimalist wallet collection is sourced from the finest manufacturers around. Only cow hide genuine leather is used in the manufacturer with a tough nylon inner to ensure your cards stay protected.

We have six wallets in the range, from €14.99 to €24.99. This wallets feel great in the hand and are light enough to ensure it won’t add any bulk to your rear-end.


The two minimalist wallet ranges differ by quite a stretch. The €14.99/€19.99 range consists of 4 options: Brown Weave, Dark Brown Weave, Red Leather, and Tan Leather. Each leather minimalist wallet executes it’s job perfectly – holds your stuff, keeps it a low profile.



Our second range of minimalist wallets add an extra few touches. There is an ID pouch on one side where you can pop in your photo ID and there is a money clip on the outside. These are a little more at €24.99 but still offer amazing value and are a really functional minimal wallet.


Available in black or brown, the leather is very supply and great quality. It’s tough enough to withstand the daily abuse and will age with you.



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