There are numerous benefits to
Wet Shaving:

There are numerous benefits to Wet Shaving over using modern multi-blade cartridge razors wet shavingsuch as
Gillette Fusion or Wilkinson Sword Quattro. For a start, using 5 blades is bullsh*t.

Shaving ie – Wet Shaving is better. Here’s Why:

The five main benefits of traditional wet shaving:

1. It’s better for your skin – One blade efficiently cutting the hair close to your face is much better than 2/3/4/5 pulling and snagging the hairs from your face, leaving razor burn, ingrown hairs and possible infection.

2. It’s better for your wallet – A pack of 5 DE Razor Blades costs around €2 as opposed to €20. You should get on average 3-6 shaves per blade so that’s a possible 30 shaves for €2!

Shark Blades

3. It’s better for the environment – You’re not clogging up landfills with bits of plastic and burning fossil fuels to make them. DE blades are much more environmentally friendly as the can be recycled and there’s not plastic! The DE  Safety razors themselves are quality made and will last a lifetime as opposed to a few weeks. white-safety-razor

4. It’s therapeutic – The process of Wet Shaving is a marvel in the modern day. You’re taking 10 minutes to yourself, smartphone and distraction free, it’s like a small piece of mindfulness before you go forth and conquer. You pick up your brush and gently massage it into your face, gently exfoliating your skin at the same time, it’s really so relaxing. Give it a try.

Synthetic Shaving Brush

5. You’re a boss – You get to use beautifully crafted, quality tools. You’ll use quality artisan soaps which are full of wonderful goodness. All of our products are tested by us (we’re very lucky) to make sure they’re good enough for you! Your bathroom will look so much better with these kind of things in it: