What does it mean to be a gentleman? If we take it literally, you could get the wrong impression of a person. A gentleman is someone who lives by their principles and has their morals in the right place.

It doesn’t mean he’s gentle.

They step up to the plate when necessary, but are always polite and will go out of their way to help someone.

Being a true gentleman revolves around one word: respect. You need to respect yourself, your loved ones and those who deserve it.

Here are a few tips on how to be a modern gentleman:

  1. Dress to impress, yourself

When you hear “gentleman”, you’ll maybe come up with an image of a well-dressed man in a suit, tie, and perfectly polished shoes.

We all know that the way someone dresses does not mean they are a gentleman. Some people dressed in a suit would rather walk over someone who needed help instead of bending down and helping them up.

The definition of a gentleman has little to do with how you dress, but you need to take pride in yourself, and that means your appearance.

Choose a style that reflects you.

  1. Personal Hygiene is key


Keep yourself clean, showered, and groomed. Whether that’s cleanly shaved or the beard in check. Put some effort into your appearance. If you like the scruffy look, keep it controlled scruffy.

Just try not to smell bad.

  1. Try not to swear, all the time

I’ll admit, I can’t preach here, I can rant for 5 minutes cursing away but I’m trying! People can be very insulted by swearing, especially if they’re a bit older so cool the jets, take a second, use an alternative word. Expanding your vocabulary is always a good thing.

It’s the worst thing when you start doing it at work. Unless you work for yourself, in which case…

F*ck this sh!tty article, I’m going for a god damn beer!

  1. Connect With People

Say hello as you’re walking past a stranger. Let someone go in front of you in a queue. Make eye contact. Be approachable. Strong handshake.

To be a gentleman while you’re out, always remember it’s all about them. Be a good listener. Ask questions. Take note of what’s important to them, and they’ll take note of you.

  1. Be Clear About What You Want

Make sure you know what you want from life. Once you have an idea, work on it, then work on it again. Once you have that goal, pursue it.

Sometimes it’s a series of goals or steps to achieving something you want.

Make a decision today to take 10 minutes and think about what you really want from life, the morning wet shave is always a good time for reflection.

Once you know what you want, and you’re moving towards that, it gives you more time to focus on other things to make you a better person. Be aware of the world out there, take out your earphones, look up from your smart phone, take a deep breath and feel alive.

  1. Hold the Door Open

Goes without saying. I’m always amazed at men when they don’t do that.

How were you brought up?!

Holding the door open for people is a gentlemen’s staple. If it’s not something you do, you’ll be amazed at how many people won’t respect you.

  1. Keep Your Promises

You are not the centre of the universe. You might be the centre of your universe by that won’t get you far.

A true gentleman makes promises he can and will keep. Don’t waste other people’s time like you don’t want them to waste yours.

If you say you’ll be there, be there. 5 minutes early.

If you say you’ll pick someone up, do it.

Trust is so important in the modern era so make sure you have a good foundation in the basics, it will make things easier in the long run.

Don’t be flakey.

  1. Be Yourself

Have an identity.

Have a style.

Have character.

Don’t drum to another person’s beat, try not to big yourself up, never brag.

Ever noticed how some people only post on social media when they’re doing something they deem wonderful?

The worst is the “So this just happened”, no one gives a sh!t.

Don’t compare yourself to other’s because there will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Comparing yourself to someone else will either give you a sense of entitlement or put you in the doldrums.



Being comfortable in your own skin is a true sign of a Gentleman.

Gentlemen don’t lie, they don’t try and impress. They’re impressive in their own right.

Fashion is always changing, style is timeless. Being a Gentleman is always stylish.