Why do Men Love Watches?

I remember buying my first nice watch. I was walking home after getting my first monthly wage. It was an Emporio Armani with a black leather strap and brushed metal face, it was and is a simple and elegant time piece, I had lots of fossil type watches with big chunky leather faces and the likes.

The reason for this thought is that people’s tastes change and what they appreciate change.

That’s the beauty of something like a watch. You can change an entire outfit with one accessory. How you want to be received, if you want to be the centre of attention with a piece of blingin’ watch or the distinguished gent sipping whiskey in the corner with a timeless timepiece on his wrist.

What’s the mentality of wearing a watch all about? Men are usually obsessed with them and if they’re not, they’re lying. Most men don’t care too much about what they wear but when it comes to a watch, they’d go into detail about it, where they got it, what it means to them. Many have more than 1, personally I have over 40, some are cheap but effective, others were a splurge. My pride and joy is a Tag Heuer which I picked up in a second hand shop, the poor owner didn’t know what they had. I wasn’t going to tell them.

Why Watches?

The watch is a powerful accessory. It’s indiscreet and something that’s very intimate, maybe your Grandad passed it down to you or your first love gave it to you, sometimes it’s a way of sharing a life story or sometimes it’s just a case of an accessory for an outfit.

Why do men buy Watches?

There are many different types of watches, similar to cars, with different mechanisms such as automatic, mechanical, inertia driven etc. Watch brands tend to be strongly aligned with certain sports such as racing, aviation or sailing and people associate with that.

Watches are also some of the only jewellery that a man can splash out on.61KEpOpmz9L._UL1500_

At the moment we focus on unbranded watches (like most of our goods) as we don’t want to force people to associate their accessory with a brand.

Our watches all come from quality factories, the same factories that build a lot of modern brands, but we skip the branding and can keep the costs lower that way. Sure we’re missing a trick in some ways of strengthening our brand but that’s not what we want, when you shave with one of our razors or check the time on your wrist, you know where you got it and we appreciate that most people will spread our brand by word of mouth so we don’t want to stick our logo on a watch because it’s our logo.

And it’s your watch.


We currently have our great selling Wooden Watches range but we’re soon launching a range of minimalist watches in a variety of styles and materials. Keep an eye out.New Watch Range