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Safety Razors Ireland – At manlystuff.ie we focus on providing excellent quality Safety Razors. Our range of reusable Irish Reusable Razors are excellent quality and provide a wonderful smooth shave.Our affordable Double Edged Razor collection provides a very smooth shave with reduced razor bumps and razor burn.

Why are people switch to a Safety Razor?

Did you know people are always switching to a safety razor? Read why Safety Razors are regaining popularity.

If you’re looking for a beautiful Safety Razor in Ireland then look no further. Our Safety Razor collection consists of slant safety razors, open comb safety razors, closed comb safety razors and butterfly safety razors.

Double Edged Safety Razors

Our Double Edged Single Blade Razors are made using the finest materials with the utmost care. . You can rest assured that each Reusable Safety Razor will provide you with smooth shaving pleasure for years to come. Double Edged Safety Razors offer many benefits over cartridge razors and ours are no different. You’ll upgrade your shave, start enjoying shaving again and have reduced rash along with saving money.

Read about the benefits of Double Edged Safety Razors over Cartridge Razors right here. Our Manly Safety Razors are made from Steel and Brass.

As the name implies, double-edge safety razor blades have two sharp edges that cut off your whiskers. They’re mounted in the razor’s head so that only the sharp edges are exposed, thus providing a semblance of safety.

Easy to load and safe to use, a safety razor provides a close, comfortable shave and is favored by those of us just starting out with wet shaving. Unlike supermarket bought disposable brands, safety razors will let you experience a whole world of difference.

We sell the widest range of Safety Razors in Ireland and stand by the quality of our products.


The double-edge blades give you many shaves before needing replacement. Forget about those expensive multi-blade disposable razors from the supermarket. Save money using a DE razor!


The problem with those three-blade supermarket razors is that they cause more nicks and cuts. The edges of the blades wear unevenly because they’re made from the cheapest metal imaginable. Adding one, two and now three extra blades doesn’t give you a better shave. It’s just a marketing ploy for those manufacturers to try to sell more and more expensive razors. Gentlemen who seek to get an ultimate close shave all agree that the best way to attain it is by using a razor that has a single sharp blade.


All DE blades are manufactured in accordance with industry standard sizing, so no worries there. Your only concern should be the quality of the metal used to make the blades. At Manly Stuff, we sell only high-quality, stainless steel double-edged shaving blades.

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