Slant Bar DE Safety Razor – Matte Black


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Slant Bar DE Safety Razor – Matte Black

This precision grooming tool is chrome-plated for corrosion resistant and longevity. It is a 3-piece double edge razor.

An aggressive and very efficient Slant Safety Razor, probably the closest shave on the market.

We decided it was time to get a Slant Head De Safety Razor to fully complete our DE Safety Bar Razor Offering.

A Slant Head Safety Razor is intended for the more experience DE Safety Razor shaver as it is more unforgiving in technique and pressure than a standard DE Safety Razor.

Our Slant Razors are made with a brass handle and an alloy. These razors are probably the best quality we’ve seen, weighing in at over 100 grams, it’s a heavy razor with a very nice long handle.

You’ll absolutely love this slant razor and will be the perfect addition to your shave den!

Watch a shave review here!

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8 reviews for Slant Bar DE Safety Razor – Matte Black

  1. Hugo Mc

    Fantastic Slant Bar Safety Razor, excellent quality.

  2. Wet Shaver Norway

    I bought this Slant Razor from Manly Stuff, chuffed I did, fantastic quality, beautiful finish – just exceptional!

  3. Luke

    Black Safety Razors are very cool. Slant Bar Black Safety Razors even more so! Fantastic product and service from Manly Stuff.

  4. Michael

    Actually bought a slant by mistake, didn’t know what it was! Glad I did, very close shave – good technique required but excellent. Usual great quality from

  5. Joe

    Very nice slant razor. Bought it after watching it PaulH films. I didn’t find it as aggressive, it was a very nice shave. I recommend this razor, very good value.

  6. Sebastien

    Yes, it’s an aggressive razor, it’s not for beginners but it’s very well made and does what it says on the tin. Ordered it and delivered to New York in 5 days, great value. Love it!

  7. Maikkeli

    Had this razor for a few weeks now. Wonderful smooth shave with Astra blade. Absolutely no irritation to the extent that I don’t use after shave balm now. Great razor.


      Very happy to hear this! Thank you for your review Maikkeli.

  8. Bob Wellen

    Ordering was easy, with prompt and informative communication from Sean. Delivery took a bit longer than expected, but not too bad, and the package arrived safe and sound. Tracking from the Royal Post Office stopped At the US border..

    More important, the razor is solid, well-balanced and precise. It holds the blade in place straight and true, and brass construction gives it heft. To get better quality, such as slightly smoother action on the attachment bolt, you have to spend much more—at least 4x.

    There’s substantial blade exposure. So a light touch gets me close shaves without irritation. I have to pay attention, but it’s worthwhile.

    So this razor is a keeper.

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