Plastic Free Zero Waste Luxury Shaving Set

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Zero Waste Beginner Shaving Set

The Zero Waste Beginner Shaving Set is designed for those that want to cut down their plastic use and greatly improve their shaving experience. It’s our most popular shaving set by far more than a whisker (sorry!). It’s also the perfect gift for those wanting to have a great shave but be kinder to the environment. The products in this set are excellent value and of a luxury quality. The Safety Razor is handmade, the shaving soap is handmade here in West Cork, the cruelty free shaving brush is animal hair free, really soft and dries quick which makes the whole set great for travelling.

We’ve been selling Safety Razors since 2015 and only sell the best quality razor that provide an excellent shave, they’re designed by us to provide a smooth, safe and enjoyable shave whether you’re just starting out with a Safety Razor or if you’ve been shaving with one for an age.

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The Zero Waste Shaving Set contains:

  • A Wooden Double Edged Safety Razor
  • A Wooden Shaving Brush
  • Manly Stuff Natural Shaving Soap (made in Ireland)
  • Astra Paper Packaged Razor Blades

The set comes in a recycled box (not a gift box, they’re available at checkout) with free razor blades also.

If you have any questions, please email and we’d delighted to answer any questions!


In stock (can be backordered)

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Zero Waste Reusable Razor Shaving Set

Can we escape plastic? We are surrounded by it. 50% of the plastic in our lives we use just once before throwing it away. With China having stopped taking Ireland’s tonnes of yearly plastic waste, it’s a problem that’s certainly not going away.

However, there are small changes we can make in our daily lives to tackle the problem, from reusing carrier bags to shopping at local veg shops to cut back on supermarket plastic packaging. When it comes to shaving, swapping from disposables to a DE razor is a basic change that goes a long way in reducing plastic waste. Men and women alike shave regularly; if everyone were to make a small change, the difference could be huge.


Double edge safety razors, often referred to simply as DE razors, are a reusable alternative to plastic disposables. The single blades, replaced as they become dull, are held securely in the razor head at the perfect angle to cut your hair. There is a protective barrier that varies in design – from open and closed comb – that minimises errant cuts from the blades. As with any razor, you need to take care when using it, but the technique is not that different form using a disposable and often provides a closer, more comfortable shave.

There are different mechanisms that hold the blade in place, as well as different brands to choose from, but the basic design means that most DE razors will last for years longer than their plastic counterparts.

We have a complete guide that covers all the details about safety razors including the different varieties, how to choose one for yourself, and how to use them. If you’re going to make the switch and go plastic free, it’s a really useful way to clear up any confusion before making your first purchase.



The major environmental benefit is an obvious one; no more disposable plastic razor waste. In the US, two billion razors are thrown away every year, an amount that’s hard to imagine. In Ireland the number is less, but still in the millions. That’s a huge amount of unnecessary plastic sitting in dumps and making its way into the world’s ecosystems.

Plastic takes, on average, around 1000 years to degrade.

Switching to a DE razor puts an end to that plastic waste.


There are other reusable alternatives to disposable razors. However, many of these still have plastic elements and although they can be reused by replacing the blades, they ultimately don’t last as long as DE razors. When you do need to dispose of them, it still creates plastic waste, and the plastic packaging these razors and their refills come in is often very unnecessary.

Many safety razors are made entirely of metal. Not only does this mean they last longer and feel really great to use, but they reduce the waste that comes with even ‘reusable’ razors.



When you use a double edge safety razor, you will have to replace the blades in order to keep them sharp and to ensure you continue to get a good shave. Cartridge blades are often made of a mixture of plastic, metal, lubricating strips and rubber – most of which can’t be recycled. On the other hand, DE razor blades are just metal, made from stainless steel. These can be recycled (please dispose of carefully and check with your local council to find out where) and therefore produce no plastic waste at all.


Another benefit to making the switch is the shaving soap you use. When switching to a safety razor, we usually recommend using a good quality shaving soap or cream which you whip into a lather yourself. These are much more environmentally friendly than those found in the pressurised cans. You can buy shaving soap refills, as opposed to whole new pots, to further reduce the packaging waste.

Proper shaving soap can also produce a closer shave than ready-to-spray foam, helping you achieve a superior shave.


A safety razor isn’t just a great option for the environment, many people finds it also produces a better shave. It’s a win-win situation. A safety razor blade can get closer to your skin and the base of your hairs, producing a closer shave that results in a smoother look and feel. Whether you’re shaving your beard or your legs, the results are often noticeably better.

30 reviews for Plastic Free Zero Waste Luxury Shaving Set

  1. Clement

    Crazy good value for this set! Excellent quality, quick delivery. Very happy chappy.

  2. Kevin

    Beautiful set – The soap is really nice. It took me a little while to get used to the razor but overall it’s so much better. Haven’t had any razor bumps since switching over!

  3. Ann Marie

    Great for a beginner. Quick delivery.

  4. Jeremy

    Amazing value zero waste shave set! I wanted to cut down on plastic and this set feels like really good quality. Happy customer, will be back.

  5. Derek Murphy

    All perfect. Quick delivery, extra free blades and no more plastic!

  6. Ken Owens

    Very happy with how well the razor cuts, I was always prone to very bad razor burn but so far this razor has really helped!

  7. Jacinta Dowling

    Lovely product

  8. Carmel

    I was a bit disappointed with the packaging as I bought it as a gift and the box it came in was used for postage so It has stickers and sellotape on it. I had to buy another box for presentation, quality of products are very good.

  9. Anonymous

    Xmas present for husband. Looks great.

  10. Thomas O’ Mahony

  11. Zoe

    Bought as a Christmas gift that I haven’t given yet, contents look really nice but the packing was rough and thrown together, a first world problem I’m sure but if you’re looking for an honest review I would insist the packaging had a little more finesse, wouldn’t take a lot of extra effort and would have made the product look a little more “quality”.


      Hi Zoe, thank you for your review. This is ‘Zero Waste’ set,i.e. we try to recycle everything and everything is recyclable. We have a number of Gift Sets that come in more formal gift boxes etc.

  12. Fiona

    Excellent quality of product. My husband loves it.
    The delivery service was also excellent. Was delivered 2 days after I ordered. Overall really good experience with this company.

  13. Jessica Heron

    Great product, lovely packaging, arrived ahead of schedule

  14. Molly

    All very good quality the razor has a nice weight to it and the soap has a refreshing scent would recommend


      Thank you for your review Molly!

  15. Kevin Bermingham

  16. Brendan O’Farrell

    Great product, good value and a much better shave. Plus recyclable! Win-win!


      Thank you for the great feedback Brendan!


      Thank you for the great feedback Brendan!

  17. Robert D.

    Yep, good product bought as a present and delivered within a few days. No issues!

  18. Anonymous

  19. Jenny Fox

    Easy to order, package arrived promptly a d all this despite being the run up to Christmas! Contents were precisely how described. Would definitely shop here again.

  20. Pauline


  21. Hugh M.

    Brush and razor are both fantastic. Shaving soap is good

  22. Anonymous

    Highly recommend this fabulous Irish company. Beautiful wooden razor. Lovely natural shaving soap and brush. Extremely helpful when I asked a question on whatsapp. Posted and delivered very quickly. Will definitely buy again

  23. Vincent Richardson

  24. Cathal Bergin

    An absolutely beautiful set! There were some funny postal digressions along the way which Sean sorted out pronto! Excellent product, excellent service. Thank you :-)

  25. Aoibheann

    Got this for my partners birthday present and he loves it. Really great set and easy to use.

  26. Anonymous

  27. Eileen Shiels

    Great products and fast delivery.

  28. Janice Murphy

    Good quality product. Delivered in mi e gift box

  29. Ger Q.

  30. Peter H.

    I was really pleased with quality of my razor

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