Dublin’s Grooming Rooms – Men’s Grooming Ireland


The boom in Men’s Grooming continues, another Grooming Room has popped up in Dublin, and it’s something special.

Wondering where to get a haircut in Stillorgan?


Mens Grooming Ireland is very slick with a luxurious feel.

We were recently invited to pop in to Andrew from Mens Grooming Ireland. They’re a new men’s grooming salon that’s opened up in Stillorgan, Dublin. With onsite parking and a location just off the main road and a few minutes from the local shopping centre, it’s the perfect spot to drop in for a haircut and a shave.

Andrew has trained all over the world, including a stint in Truefitt & Hill in London – one of our favourite brands! He has learned the art of the Royal Hot Towel Shave which I experience in all it’s glory. What is overwhelmingly obvious from the minute you walk in the door is that this is a seriously professional barbers.

Beautifully finished, Men’s Grooming Ireland has several barbers chairs and a really relaxing separate room for washing your hair along with plenty of grooming essentials for sale.

You can have a choice of beverages to accompany your pampering, I went for the coffee as opposed to the whiskey (although I was tempted!). (edit – I’ve since had a whiskey there, it was lovely!)

The Haircut:

Andrew and his team have fantastic attention to detail when it comes to the mop chop. The haircut starts with a wash in their uber chilled out relaxation room out the back, the wash itself takes a good 5 minutes so it’s a nice relaxing way to get started.

Your scalp will be brushed and then a hot towel is placed over your face for a few minutes – regardless of whether you’re getting a shave or not. This is in itself a lovely touch and very relaxing.

Then follows a coffee and a chat about what you want done. I’m pretty easy going in relation to my hair these days and always go for the same style but at the same time, want it to look good.

Andy executed what I wanted perfectly and he wasn’t happy until it was just right. I was really happy with the outcome, perfect service! The first time I visited it was for a haircut at the invitation of the guys. I’ve since been back after my darling fiancee treated me to a hot towel shave and haircut for my birthday.Mens Grooming Grooming Chair

A lot of effort has been put into the shop, I couldn’t believe they were only operating for 6 weeks (4 months now!), the barbers looks and feels amazing! You could drop it in to London and it would fit right in.

Not that Dublin doesn’t have plenty of fantastic spots too!

We spoke at length in relation to the men’s grooming revival and how men can look after themselves properly without it being frowned upon.


The Hot Towel Shave:

After the fantastic haircut, came what I was really looking forward to: The Hot Towel Shave.

It began with another round of scented hot-towels. Andy then applies a pre-shave oil along with a massage to open the pores and really relax the face. After that, another hot-towel to help the skin absorb all the essential oils.

Andy then applies some shaving cream using a badger shaving brush, applies another hot-towel to help absorb some of this. Then comes more shaving cream after which the shave starts.

Andy uses a shavette which are more hygienic then a straight razor as the blades can be changed for each customer.

The shave is as you’d expect, absolutely perfect. I reckon a good 40 minutes was spend shaving, re-shaving with the grain and against in some places to ensure I was smooth as a baby!

After the shave, more hot towels then some lovely cooled after-shave balm to help the skin relax again.



A hot towel shave with Men’s Grooming Ireland

All in all, with my haircut and shave it took over 2 hours and came to €95 which included a hair serum treatment, it’s called the ULTIMATE GROOMING EXPERIENCE and for good reason.

I think it was great value and aim to get back every month. You can view all of their package here.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Men’s Grooming Ireland both for fantastic haircuts and luxurious hot towel shaves.

If you want to experience some Wet Shaving luxury at home, why not build your own Wet Shaving set – prices start from €20!shaving-set-bath