Pebble Leather Cardholder – Taupe


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Pebble Leather Cardholder – Taupe

If you’d rather not carry a traditional style wallet, you may want to consider switching to this slim pebble leather cardholder for men. This slim card carrier contains 3 2 card slots on each side and a cash slot (who carries cash anymore!) . A small pocket and two slip pockets on either side accommodate folded notes and receipts.

Your credit cards, driver’s license, and other IDs that use RFID chips are protected against hacking by a special lining.

Every wallet in the collection has a unique appearance. The minimally processed premium leather retains the natural wrinkles and defects of the hide, which keeps looking better as it ages.


  • Holds 1-8 cards
  • Main card storage holds up to 6 cards
  • Main storage area for cash
  • Keeps bulk to an absolute minimum
  • Travel light without compromise
  • Premium  leather

Only 2 left in stock

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Mens Wallets Ireland – Pebble Leather Cardholder – Taupe


In this category you can find all of our cardholders and wallets for men. The leather wallet is the classic men’s wallet for carrying banknotes, credit cards, ID cards and coins. We also have cardholders that are smaller but still quite practical on their own.

ADVANTAGES OF A WALLET – Mens Wallets Ireland

Cardholders are ideal totes for business or credit cards and come in varying capacities. Wallets are obviously capable of carrying much more so we have various sizes colour schemes and designs to ensure that you can find the one that is right for you.

Leather can expand a bit and so each card slot can accommodate more than one card. Just be aware that over stuffing will surely lead to looseness that may not hold just one card any further.


At Manly Stuff, the vast majority of wallets are made of 100% cowhide leather. We use top grain leather for most models because of the real leather look and feel provided by this high quality. Full grain leather wallets age incredibly well, they also get softer and darker with use.

A few models we carry are made from split leather that does not have the look and feel of top grain leather, but it is still cowhide thus wears well.


cardholder is a small practical tote that measures about 10x6cm so they are compact enough to fit into a shirt pocket. We carry both classic leather and fancy steel models.

Leather cardholders have larger capacity because of the material’s natural flexibility. Steel cardholders certainly protect the cards better but are usually limited to 5 or 6 cards.

Minimalist Wallets are slender and designed with the modern man in mind. Our are all made from genuine leather with the utmost attention to detail and quality. They will hold all of your essentials cards and some cash. You don’t need anything else and you won’t need another wallet after purchasing one of our minimalist wallet collection.


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