Beard Oil & Shaving Oil – Tea Tree & Eucalyptus – 50ml


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Beard Oil & Shaving Oil – Tea Tree & Eucalyptus – 50ml

Our Natural Grooming Oil is perfect for use as a shaving oil or beard oil.

Deep & Smokey! That’s what you’ll be thinking when you smell this beautiful Tea Tree & Eucalyptus scent, it’s very subtle and warming and also very soothing.

Our Beard Oil & Shaving Oil’s mix of essentials oils is nourishing for the skin whilst at the same time adding an extra layer of protection for your morning shave. Rub on a small amount before you apply shaving soap for the perfectly smooth shave.

It’s mix of oils is also perfect as a beard oil, it’s not greasy and adds a nice fragrant scent to your beardiness, it’s great for the skin underneath and will help soften the bristles.

Made with natural ingredients, the manly grooming oil has been getting rave reviews online and on the streets. It’s the perfect addition to your morning ritual.

Buy the only grooming oil you’ll need today, extra large bottle!

She won’t be able to keep her hands off you.

Apricot Kernel Oil: A very mild natural oil. Cold pressed and refined from the dried kernels of the apricot fruit, this oil is known for its ability to penetrate the skin without leaving an oily feel. Rich in essential fatty acids (oleic, linoleic), this oil is also high in Vitamin A and C. Its excellent softening and moisturizing properties are great for both face and hair.
Jojoba Oil: This oil is obtained from the jojoba plant, which is a perennial shrub native to Mexico and parts of the US (Arizona, California). This oil is widely used for the purposes of skin and hair care, mainly due to its similarity with that of human sebum (naturally secreted by the oil glands present under the skin surface).

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Oil Ingredients:
Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil,,Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass),Eucalyptus,Sweet Almond Oil,Safflower Oil,Grapeseed Oil,Vitamin E Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil

Safety Note:
Please remember that these oils may react with your skin if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients. Perform a patch test before use to test for irritation. If irritation occurs, discontinue the use of this product immediately.

Beard Oil Ireland & Moustache Wax:


Beard oil is all the rage these days, and there’s actually a very good reason for that. Let’s be honest here. No man grows his beard because he likes looking like he’s been living on the street for the better part of a decade. Bearded men want to look stylishly manly. So you’re still asking why exactly you should be using beard oil? Let’s have a look:


Itchy beard syndrome is a real and very annoying thing! When you’re just starting to grow your beard out, you’ll very likely experience some itchiness now and then.

This is partly caused by the sebaceous glands around your hair follicles failing to produce enough sebum oil to keep your skin hydrated. Most men’s sebaceous glands just can’t keep up with oil production when their beard gets longer and longer.

Beard oil can compensate for this by hydrating both your skin and hair, thus helping prevent your skin from drying out. Your beard will no longer get itchy, and your overworked glands will love you long time.


I’m sure you know dandruff, as in snowflakes magically coming down from your head instead of the sky. And you probably know that these snowflakes are actually dry skin flakes and that they’re not very magical, truth be told.

Well, the same is likely to happen around your beard when it gets longer and isn’t hydrated like it should be. Daily beard oil treatment will help keep your skin hydrated and prevent beardruff from decorating your black shirt with white specs.


Your beard can get tangled up and full of knots after a while. Beard oil makes it easier to maintain your beard and prevent it from turning into a scruffy mess.

It’ll also reduce split ends and knots so you don’t need to trim it as often to keep it looking great. Overall, your beard will simply look more attractive and clean.


Applying beard oil is not rocket science, but a few simple tips will make sure you get the most out of your beard oil treatment. Here we go:

    • Apply a few drops of beard oil on the palm of your hand. The exact amount of beard oil you need will depend on how long and thick your beard is, so experiment a bit until you find the perfect amount
    • Rub the palms of your hands together. That way, you can apply the oil evenly to your beard
    • Rub beard oil into your beard. No need to be shy here, rub away until you got a nice coating of beard oil going on
  • Comb or brush your beard. This step is optional, but highly advised


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    Very soothing on skin, beautiful scent

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