Spanish Cedar Wood Cigar Humidor – 2 Cigar Travel Case (Brown)

A stunning and slick Travel Cigar Humidor with cigar cutter, having this beauty means your cigars will stay in better shape for longer – even when travelling. Just think, you can relax and kick-back after a long day of meetings or when on holiday with your favourite cigar, knowing they’ll be perfect.

A classic, leather style travel cigar humidor with cigar cutter.


– Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor Cigar Box Portable with Faux Leather surface

– These beautiful cigar humidors will maintain up to 3 Cigars in perfect condition.

– High quality Spanish cedar has a moisturizing effect.

– Completely lined with the finest genuine Spanish cedar

– Perfect Gifts for Cigar lovers


– Material:Spanish Cedar+Leather

– Color:Black

Size Chart:


Package Includes:

1 piece Cigar Humidor Box