A DE Razor is the more traditional way of shaving. During WWII, it was too time consuming and difficult for men to shave with a straight razor so the DE Safety Razors became very popular.

These days, the people becoming more fed up with expensive plastic Cartridge razors, people are moving back towards the Safety Razor as a more cost efficient alternative. Shaving with a DE Safety Razor is also better for the environment as it reduces the amount of plastic going to landfill.

The thing about shaving with a this type of Razor is the fact that a multi blade cartridge razors buts far too close to the skin, actually below the level of the skin but pulling the stubble up as the second blade cuts the hair. When the hair grows back – this leads to ingrown hairs and the dreaded razor burn which all men hate.

By using a DE Razor (Double Edged Razor), you’ll get a better shave which will be way more comfortable on your skin and on your wallet as replacement blades for a Safety Razor cost pennies compared to cartridge razors!

We’ve gathered together our top Frequently Asked Questions about Safety Razors – Read them here:

What is the best safety razor?

We have many safety razors that are all perfect for all levels – our recommendation would be our Stainless Steel Finger Grip Safety Razor as the knurled grip is excellent for a close shave with great control. The Knight Safety Razor is also a firm favourite with our customers.

What are the benefits of a safety razor?

There are many benefits to shaving with a safety razor – cheaper shaves, less ingrown hairs and irritation, a very close shave that wouldn’t be achieved otherwise and you’re helping to reduce plastic use.

What are the best blades for a safety razor?

The best blade for a safety razor comes down to personal choice – different skin reacts differently to different skin types. We recommend an Astra Blade as it’s the best all rounder.

Is a Safety Razor good for Afro skin or black men?

Yes! Absolutely, a safety razor is great for black men as it reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, irritation and razor burn! Win Win

Do all safety razors use the same blades?

Yes in so far as all Safety Razors use Double Edged Blades. There are hundreds of brands of double edged blades like there are hundreds of brands of safety razors. Our safety razors take all double edged safety razor blades.

How long does a safety razor last?

A DE razor will essentially last forever, ours certainly do, the only thing that needs to be changed is the blade.. You can expect 1 – 10 years for the lifetime of a typical safety razor if you take care of it and dont drop it etc.

Is a straight razor better than a safety razor?

That depends! If you’re in a barber getting a shave off a professional barber then yes, a straight razor will give an incredibly close shave. If you’re at home and need to shave before work – you won’t have time to use a straight razor but you’ll get a great shave with a DE razor in 10 minutes.

Is Shaving with a Safety Razor better than a cartridge razor?

Shaving with a Safety Razor helps to reduce skin irritation, shave bumps, and ingrown hairs that are common with cartridge or electric razors. The main reason is that with a safety razor you only have one blade against your skin at any time as opposed to several and the blade will cut the hair at the level of skin – not below In short – yes, shaving with a Safety Razor is better.

A DE razor looks intimidating. On the one hand, it looks antiquated, like something your grandfather would use. We’ve got all this razor science selling us 3- and 5-blade options now. It’s crazy that they used to only use a single blade, isn’t it? Not to mention, those blades are sharp!

So why the hell would you want to put down your cartridge razor and switch to a safety razor? We can think of at least five reasons:

The benefits of proper razor shave:

  1. A closer shave: That sharp blade is flush against your skin. So, be careful, but if you master the craft, you’ll never look back.
  2. Less drag, less irritation: While other razors advertise 3-5 razors in a single cartridge, the DE razor stands strong at a single strong blade. This means there is less dragging across the face, less chance that your top layer of skin will come off with the hairs, and less bulk building up between blades, while being dragged across your opened pores. All that to say, a safety razor promises a safer, healthier shave when done correctly.
  3. Better for coarse hair: If you have thick hair that just doesn’t budge under the lightness of a standard cartridge shave (or if the hairs are too thick and lead to dragging, clogging, and irritation), then a DE razor is the obvious fix. Plus, since you’ll replace the blade after each use, it’ll never give you a dull shave.
  4. Cheap replacement blades: They’re maybe 10-25 cents each, when you buy in bulk. You’ll never hesitate to toss them after a single use, which means you only use the sharpest, cleanest blades every time.
  5. You’re in charge: The shave requires more attention and precision, but it puts you in more control over the process. You have to think about each stroke, and the amount of pressure (ideally none) that you’re applying, plus the angle. Yes, it’s a process, but your skin shouldn’t be something you manage and manicure on autopilot. Take your time, make it a ceremony, and you’ll look forward to the safety-razor regimen every couple days.

What you need to remember about shaving is that it should be an enjoyable experience – no matter what you use whether it’s an electric razor (shudder), a cartridge razor (didn’t we just cover that) or the good old DE Razor (thumps up).

Think of your morning shave as a time to reflect, take some time to yourself and really hone in on how you want your day to be – it doesn’t need to be a rushed mess as you leg it out the door. Take the time in the morning to gather your thoughts, prepare for the day ahead, tie your tie properly etc. Your morning shave should be part of that routine – to enjoy yourself and not be a ball of stress as you leg it for the train.

Taking small steps, even for something as trivial as a shave, can have massive benefits in the long run – you’ll reduce your stress load and have more time for yourself – winning!