Cigar Humidors and Accessories

Our range of Cigar Accessories is affordable and quality. Our Cigar Humidors are all made using Spanish Cedar wood and leather. Each humidor comes with it’s own humidity gauge so you can ensure your cigars are in the upmost condition.

To properly care for your cigars, you need to ensure you use the proper type Humidor. We have a range of travel humidors and other cigar accessories to ensure you can always enjoy a good smoke whenever it pleases you and you can rest assured that they’re in the best condition possible.

If you’re spending €20+ on cigars then you need to make sure they’re perfect when the time comes to smoke them, Cohiba cigars cost a fortune in Ireland so make sure you look after them! When you gather twenty of these cigars together, you’ve quite a sizeable amount of money to contend with – Our range of Cigar  and Travel Accessories make sure they’re in tip top condition.

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