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Thank you for visiting our website, we offer wholesale on most of our products and can also offer bespoke Corporate Gifts for Men.

Our products are excellent quality and we only work with reliable, sustainable suppliers. We are plastic free where-ever possible and always offer Plastic Free Wholesale Gifts for our clients and customers.

We also offer white label solutions for our shaving products.

We offer wholesale prices for pretty much all of our products:

Unique Mens Products for Retail – Wholesale Prices

Our selection of Mens Gift Ideas is unique in that most of our products are handmade and are very unique compared to everything else that’s out there on the market.

Our Mens Gifts are perfect for Christmas. With such an emphasis on Zero Waste these days, you’ll be glad to now that all of our products are packaged in recycled gift boxes.

We have very low minimum orders and you can mix and match products as it suits you.

Our range of mens products such as vintage safety razors, shaving brushes, shaving sets, ties, pocket squares, handmade shaving soaps & more.

Please contact for more information, and we’d be happy to help with any queries.