What’s a Good Alternative to A Cartridge Razor? Safety Razors are the answer:


Why choose a DE Safety Razor? A Double Edged Safety Razor is the only shaving tool you should need. Gillette created the cartridge razor after their patent on the DE Safety Razor expired so they needed a new design to make more money – not to give you a better shave.

A DE Safety Razor can come in many different styles but the basic idea is that it holds a DE razor blade so you can get a comfortable shave. One blade actually provides a closer shave than 4/5 blades because the single blade cuts the hair at skin level instead of tugging it out of your face.

A DE Safety Razor provides a superior shave for many reasons and is easier to use and maintain than a straight razor.

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So why switch to a Safety Razor?

How about clearer, smoother, skin?

Men can shave with a razor again without fear of razor burn or an empty wallet. A Safety Razor is super cheap to use, one of our razors cost around €25 with 5 free blades. You can also buy blades in bulk once you settle on a brand you like for €14 for 100 blades – that’s around two years of shaving.

Why a single blade safety razor?

Some cartridge razors can pull the hairs and cut them below skin level, a single blade razor aims to cut the hair level with your skin, helping reduce the number of ingrown hairs and irritations. Razor burn is the no.1 curse of shaving. Using a Safety Razor helps reduce that dramatically when compared to a cartridge razor. 5 blades pulling your hair from your skin? Of course you’re going to be sore. 1 blade efficiently cutting your hair? Now you’re talking.

Safety Razors have a single blade to cut your hair cleanly instead of pulling it from your face.

The process of using a Safety Razor is enjoyable and gives you some time to yourself in the morning to get settled, focus and plan your day.

Check out this difference in cutting techniques:

But don’t just take our word for it, our 5,000 customers think they’re great too.