Cartridge razors with all their slick marketing and celebrity appearances appeal to many. Most people think this is the only option and this is the only way to shave.

Cartridge razors are advertised  to death by the likes of Gillette to portray their products as high performing and innovative in design.They link their products to elite athletes insinuating that their razor is a contributing factor. Obviously bullsh!t but we lap it up anyway.

The problem with cartridge razors is that the 4/5 blades are packed close together so if your stubble isn’t short enough to fit between this space then expect pulled hair, multiple passes and a clogged razor fit for the bin.



The Double Edged Safety Razor (DE) uses a single cutting edge that glides along the skin at a more natural angle and cuts the hairs cleanly without pulling and tugging at your face. It looks so much better also.


They last longer, are more environmentally friendly and are much more cost efficient. You’ll be returning to the art of shaving that your Granddad did, feel much better and enjoy a wholesome experience out of what was once a chore.

Wet shaving is a much more rewarding and sophisticated method of shaving and gives a sense of occasion to your morning shave. And you won’t have to watch Roger Federer shite on anymore.


Win win.

The best a man can get eh?

We beg to differ…


More men are returning to traditional wet shaving so start enjoying a more economical and comfortable shave today.

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