Coffee Making Equipment for Home Coffee – Ireland

Coffee Making at home can be confusing – most people just use a French Press and some Supermarket pre ground beans. We too, were like that once. But now, we like to do things differently. We discovered the Aeropress a few years ago when we wanted a better coffee for the office (remember offices?) and we soon went down the rabbit hole of at home coffee making.

Coffee Making at Home in Ireland is straightforward now that we’re pulled together some of our favourite products – we could keep adding more products for coffee making but we don’t feel we need to – what we’re selling now is definitely good enough to make a kick ass cup of coffee at home and with our travel mug, you’ll be able to run out the door with a lovely warm cup of strong coffee – just the way it should be.

We searched long and hard to find a good quality coffee grinder that was adjustable to the right dimensions and by god, did we find one! Have you read our Best Coffee for Making at Home article? Give it a read!

Coffee Making Equipment for Home Coffee – The Beans

We use SilverSkin Coffee because it’s the bees knees and Brian is a legend! I first met Brian from Silverskin when I lived on Pembroke Road and Brian was running the Kiosk, I used to love popping across for a croissant and an americano (back then I had no idea what I like and always asked for a large – ha!). When I decided to start selling Coffee, SilverSkin was the only choice!

The products in our Coffee Making at Home Section will lead you to making a bangin coffee in the comfort of your kitchen.

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