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One razor will last you a lifetime. Our blades are fully recyclable and reduce the hazardous landfill epidemic caused by modern razors.

Our razors use a single bladed razor which ensures a smooth, comfortable shaving experience with limited irritation and reduced ingrown hairs to a modern cartridge razor.

Replacement blades cost as little as .20 cent and each Razor or Set comes with FREE BLADES to get you started.

Improve your skin.

Turns out, multi-blade razors do more harm than good. Our razors use single, masterfully honed blades. Customers report less razor bumps and ingrown hairs since making the switch.

There’s logic to this – the cartridge razor you use at the minute with 17 blades and a useless Gel strip pull the hair from your face causing the hair to be cut below skin level – Ingrown Hairs will follow. Our razors are designed to only cut the hair at skin level meaning a super smooth shaving experience.

Save your wallet.

Say goodbye to overpriced branded razors and subscription shave clubs. Manly Stuff users save €150/year on average after making the switch.

We sell Bulk Replacement packs from €19.99 for 100 Blades! THAT’S TWO YEARS OF SHAVING!



There is a wide choice of double edge safety razors available out there. Here at Manly Stuff, we specialize in offering a selection high quality double edge safety razors that provide a great shave. At Manly Stuff we have our own range of safety razors and we sell some from other brands if we think they’re really great such as the handmade ones from the Dublin Shaving Co. Each of our razors will give you a great shave, years of service and add enjoyment to the everyday task of shaving. We’ve broken down the Safety Razors in to different categories to give you a better idea of what’s better for you.

The Perfect Shave

Looking for the perfect shave, or for a gift idea for the gentleman in your life? Double Edge Safety Razors offer high a high quality shaving experience with the added benefit of making shaving more enjoyable and cheaper! We offer some of the finest double edge safety razors available on the market. With a DE Safety Razor, you will enjoy a premium shaving experience. We stock a wide variety of double edge blades for our razors.

Our goal is to make double edge safety razors available to more people.  Our Double Edge Safety Razors are made using high quality materials, and each is hand checked for perfection before it is shipped.

Closed Comb or Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor?

There are two main types of double edge safety razors, the Butterfly (Twist) razor or the three piece razor. The Butterfly razor comes with a section on the handle that you twist, opening the head of the razor so you can replace the razor blade.

The three piece razor is as is implied in the name, a razor that comes in three pieces, the base plate, the top or safety bar plate, and the handle. To change the razor blade, the handle is unscrewed allowing the top plate to be lifted off.  One of the key benefits of the three piece razor is that there are no moving parts, so less can go wrong.

How To Use A Safety Razor:

Not sure how to use a Safety Razor? Here’s some tips:

  • No Pressure: These razors are not designed to be pressed in to the skin. In fact, doing so will undoubtedly lead to bleeding or irritation. Instead, safety razors should gently glide across the face.
  • Change The Angle: Double edge razors should move across the beard area at an angle of approximately 30 degrees.
  • Less Passes: Make it your goal to use no more than 2-3 passes over each area you shave. By making smaller, steadier passes you’ll reduce the risk of irritation. This becomes easier over time, as you adapt to using the DE razor, you will adapt and you will love it.
  • Stretch The Skin: More so than with multi-blade cartridges, double edge razors do their best work on skin that is held taut. So, when taking passes on the cheeks or neck, use that free hand to stretch these areas – don’t pinch!
  • Stay Lubricated: Shaving oils, soaps, and gels help the razor to glide over the skin evenly. It also helps protect your skin from the blade. Being well lubricated during your shave will ensure your skin is irritation and nick free.
  • Rinse Often: Another benefit of this type of razor is that having two sides enables the user to flip the blade over before rinsing. That said, running the blade under water between major passes is recommended.

Why Go With A Safety Razor?

Here’s why you should make the leap to a Safety Razor.

  • Better Blades: Some cartridge razors are made of cheapsteel. This means that they may dull quickly, pick up more bacteria and can cause more shaving mishaps such as ingrown hairs. Double-edge razors are made of superior, single-source stainless steel. This is what helps a safety razor maintain its sharp double edge and cut hair with minimal pressure.
  • Better For Your Skin: Contrary to the belief that more blades get any extra little hairs on the face, all you’re really doing is increasing your chances of having razor burn or ingrown hairs. A safety razor eliminates this because you’re just using one very sharp, well-angled blade. You only need to pass over an area 2-3 times, in short, light-handed strokes.
  • Better For Your Wallet: Replacement blades are more affordable than current multi-blade razors and the thinking is that the two sides of a safety razor extend each unit’s lifespan. Saving money is always cool, but shaving money while you also get a great product is even better. Sure, you have to pay more for the initial razor, but you’ll make your money back really quickly as you can get 100 blades for around €20.

Still looking for more information on shaving razors for men? Check out our frequently asked questions or reach out to our Grooming Experts. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and help guide you to better shaving.

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Hear what our customers say:

I suffer from sensitive skin, always have. I heard about safety razors and that they’re better than cartridge razors or electric razors. I was pretty hesitant to try them as they looked a bit scary with that blade. Bought the brush and razor set to try and was hooked! Great value, amazing shave and I no longer have a problem with razor burn. The service from Manly Stuff was great and I’ve been a customer for over 2 years now.
I used to have terrible trouble shaving with a cartridge razor and got totally sick of paying €20 for 4 blades. I used to suffer from razor burn quite a lot, bought a Safety Razor and that was that, I never looked back. I couldn’t find affordable razors in Ireland that weren’t just overpriced brand names and so, I founded Manly Stuff. We’ve grown at a crazy rate and gone from just Safety Razors to a full selection of mens grooming and lifestyle accessories.
I only shave on occasion but was using a cartridge razor. Head of DE Safety Razors so said I’d give them a shot. Manly Stuff made the transition really easy, great quality razors, cool shaving brushes and a good range of soaps. Shaving with a DE Safety Razor is super easy, haven’t cut myself at all yet. Totally recommend Manly Stuff!
Once upon a time I used to be a guy who used shaving razors but they always left me irritated and gave me ingrown hairs. So imagine my skepticism when I got sent a Razor. However I decided to give it a try cause you have to admit there’s something uber manly about using a Razor especially an old school safety Razor like this one! I absolutely love the products
I received a manlystuff travel razor as a gift a few months ago. Before that, I was using a normal Gillette fusion razor. The razor is beautiful aesthetically, it is heavy and feels like quality. I wasn’t sure about its ability with only one blade on either side; my doubts were quickly cleared up however. Having used the razor for about a week or so, I found that the one blade caused less irritation , which I had had before, and a very clean shave. I’m not sure why people no longer use safety razors, I love it. 6 months of use and it feels like new. We need more lasting, quality products like this. Highly recommend it. Thanks for introducing me manlystuff.
Malachy Lynam