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Manly Stuff – Natural Moustache Wax

Look at that unruly moustache you swine! Clean yourself up man.

Formulated with all natural ingredients, this nourishing stylin’ Moustache Wax contains Beeswax and Carnauba Wax for moustache shaping and styling while Castor Oil and Vitamin E soothe and revitalize the moustache and skin underneath. All Natural, with great hold!

For stiff upper lips apply our all natural moustache wax. For a hard finish blow dry.



Manly Stuff Moustache Wax

Ingredients include:
Castor Oil: Obtained from the castor plant, this thick yellow oil is not easily absorbed, allowing for spreadability and longer lasting hold.
Beeswax and Carnauba Wax: Readily melting at body temperature, this versatile wax allows styling of the beard, setting upon removal of heat from the hands.

Great smelling too – thanks to the addition of invigorating Peppermint Essential Oil.

For best results, scrape a small quantity with your nail and melt between forefingers and thumbs. Apply to moustache and comb through, styling as desired.

No artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives.

4 reviews for Manly Stuff – Natural Moustache Wax

  1. Stephen K.

    Nice wax, arrived in no time at all, will be back again

  2. Gavin

    Arrived quite early in a lovely cloth sack. Excellent presentation,very happy.
    Would it be possible to print directions for use with the product?As I’m quite new to the world of moustache and beard grooming. You could advertise a few other of your products to use with the wax like a moustache comb/ brush etc?
    Just an idea but absolutely happy with the product itself!


      Great idea Gavin, we’ll do that!

  3. Brian

  4. Colin Wilkinson

    Very firm wax, so a little hard to work, but does give a strong hold as a result.

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