Slick, Original and Unique gift ideas for Groomsmen

What should I buy for my groomsmen : The Essential Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Picking your groomsmen is usually pretty straightforward, you’ll know straightaway who your best mates are or it’ll take some time to really think it over. There are usually two sets of Groomsmen gifts given – when you ask the lads to help you on your big day and then on the big day as well. Usually the gift to present your groomsmen when asking them is something like a Hip Flask & Cigar set.

On the day of the wedding is when you usually present the really thoughtful gift – an engraved Watch, Wallet or the bits and pieces they’ll be wearing on the big day like Ties, Pocket Squares, Braces etc.

Our selection of gifts for your groomsmen ensure that you won’t have to worry about what to give them. We have a range of ready made gift sets or we also offer a complementary consultation to help you build your perfect groomsmen sets. We can source any mens products you need and present them in a lovely gift box, our custom sets usually work out at around €70 per person and include the likes of a Tie, Pocket Square, Braces, Cufflinks or similar.

The Groomsmen Essentials Gift Set

Our most popular Groomsmen Set is the Engraved Hip Flask Set, these start at €34.99 and many of our customers add cigars, wallets or other products to the mix. Our Groomsmen Gift Sets are completely customisable, you can add in whatever you want and gift package them if you wish.

Some Ideas for sets include:

  • Hip Flask & Cigar
  • Engraved Watch & Wallet Set
  • Hip Flask, Pocket Watches & Tie Clips

You have the tailored suit, you have the shoes, now you need the finishing touches. We’re talking ties, pocket squares and tie clips.

For under €40, you can gift a really thoughtful groomsmen gift set.

You can pick the colours, styles, texture, material and whatever else under the sun you’d like.


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Personalised Groomsmen Gift Sets:

Everyone has different tastes and we can accommodate pretty much anything. We’ve created Groomsmen Gift Sets for €25 and we’ve done some for €250 including trips shooting, custom leather hip flasks, Zippo’s, cigars and more.

To that end, we offer a complete bespoke Groomsmen Gift Service where you give us a budget, some ideas of what you like and we’ll put together a wonderful gift set for the bro’s that got you this far.

The idea of the Groomsmen Gift Set is simply to say thank you to your best friends and to let them know how much you mean to them. Asking them to be a Groomsman is a big deal – sometimes they might not grasp what it means until later in life but at that stage, they’ll be able to hold on to whatever keepsake you’ve given them as a memoir of a fabulous day.

We help to inject some emotion in to men on the big day!

Matching Wooden Watches

Our Wooden Watch collection are all individual and great value, with our Groomsmen Wooden Watch Gift Set you can get FOUR wooden watches for €249 – we engrave the back with the Groomsmen name so it’s a really nice keepsake they can hang on to forever.

Other websites sell the exact same watches for €599, we know weddings are expensive enough so we don’t stick the knife in!

They’re a really slick gift to give to your groomsman and something they can wear in to the future.

They Groomsmen Wooden Watches are perfect for summer weddings as they’re lighter in weight and don’t get sweaty! We also have Luxury Groomsmen Watch sets available.


More Gift ideas for Groomsmen:

Knowing what to buy for your groomsmen can be difficult, you want it to be meaningful and thoughtful  and not shite.

Most of all, you want it to be functional and something your groomsmen will appreciate and keep for life.

Here are a few more ideas of great gifts for your groomsmen

The Shaving Set

A Shaving Set is nearly the perfect gift for your groomsmen. You’re subtly  dropping the hint that they have to be looking their best on your wedding day while at the same time, giving them a gift that they’ll be able to use for years to come.

You can check out our shaving sets, right here. They range from €24.99 up to €150 +. Want a bespoke groomsmen gift set? Get in touch!

We recommend getting your Groomsmen to try out the razors before the big day. You don’t want yours groomsman with a few nicks at the top of the alter.

Contact us about a Custom Groomsmen Set – We’ll get straight back to you.

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The Watch

A watch is a timeless gift idea (sorry!). If you are looking for a truly thoughtful and slick unique gift ideas for your groomsmen, then look no further.

A watch is a very nice touch to give to your groomsmen, it signifies that timelessness of your friendship and again, gently hints to make sure they’re on time for the wedding – it’s the one day you really don’t want the lads to be late.

We have a collection of minimalist watches and wooden watches. You want to make sure your Groomsmen all have the same idea as you when it comes to the suit and accessories. You don’t want a finely tailored suit and a G Shock on the wrist.