Green Leather Watch Strap- 20mm & 18mm


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Handmade Green Leather Watch Strap – 20mm

A classic, full grain, genuine leather watch strap in green. A very supple and comfortable to wear watch strap that is excellent quality and hard wearing.

It comes with replacement pins and a free strap changing tool is available on request.

  • Full grain Leather
  • Stainless Steel Buckle
  • Green in Colour
  • 20mm (also available in 18mm)

Length: 11,5 + 7,5 cm (4.53 + 2.95 in.)

Lug width: 20mm = Buckle width: 18mm

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All our leather watch straps are handmade. Due to the traditional vegetable tanning process and the natural qualities of the materials, each and every one of our leather watch straps is an individual piece with its own structure and colour which may differ slightly from the one on display in our online shop. The holes and stitches in the straps are applied by hand and not by machines, also adding to the individual touch of each leather watch strap.

As vegetable tanned leather tends to shrink a bit when worn, all our leather watch straps are intentionally designed with a tiny bit more width to prevent them from feeling or looking too small after some wearing. When first installed with your watch, the strap might appear a bit snug – but after a while, it will stretch and fit perfectly between the lugs.


Two Piece Leather Watch Straps:
Especially with newer watches, the gap between the case or bezel and the spring bar may be more narrow than on older pieces. To avoid scratches on the leather, we advise you to treat the strap carefully and without force when installing it on your watch. If it does not seem to fit at all, you might need curved spring bars or a different watch strap altogether. If you’re unsure about this, feel free to consult with us before placing your order.

Nato Watch Straps:
Do not apply the strap with the bars fixed to your watch. We advise to take off the spring bars, place the strap in the favoured position and then reinstall the bars to ensure that no scratches on the leather occur.

If you’re unsure about how to change a strap on your watch, please consult with a professional watchmaker for assistance. Straps that are damaged by enforced or incorrect installation can not be returned to us. We also take no responsibility in case of any damage to your watch when changing the strap.


Our straps should not be treated with oil or wax. Avoid direct contact with water, e.g. in the shower or when swimming. Heavy perspiration may also cause changes in the material.


The strap that holds your watch to your wrist is more important than you may think.

A new strap can give an entirely different look to a watch you’ve had for ages, and make you fall in love with it all over again. A strap is also much cheaper than a new watch and therefore offers a great option for making your old watch look brand new again. Let’s have a look at the different types of straps you can get for your watch collection.


Leather straps are very popular because of their versatility. They are often worn with more formal wear, but will also look great with more casual outfits.

There are many different qualities of leather watch straps available, from imitation leather to premium quality vegetable tanned leather. Generally, the better the quality of the leather, the higher the price will be.

Leather is versatile, but one thing to keep in mind is that it does not like water. So if you plan to wear your watch in the water a lot, it would be better to opt for a different material such as rubber, silicone, or some type of plastic.


Metal bands (also referred to as bracelets) are a great choice for most occasions, except the more formal ones (don’t wear it with a tuxedo, for example).
Stainless steel is the best compromise between quality and value, in our opinion. Most steel bands use links, which can be removed to get a perfect fit for your wrist. It’s advised to have your local jeweller remove the links to avoid any damage to the bracelet. Metal mesh straps are quite popular as well.


NATO watch straps have gained in popularity during the last decade. What is a NATO strap? Well, its history dates back to the British military, but we won’t bore you with the details. Originally, it was a 20mm wide one-piece nylon strap, with extra nylon webbing and a keeper at the end that helps the watch fit more snugly on your wrist.

These days, there are a lot of NATO strap variations. You can buy nylon NATO straps in all colours and can find them in leather as well. NATO straps provide a low-cost way of adding a more casual and distinctive look to any watch.


  • Keep a NATO strap in your dopp kit in case you break the strap you’re wearing
  • If you can have only one, make sure it’s a genuine leather watch strap
  • Got 35 straps in your collection? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

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Watch Strap Size

20mm, 18mm


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