High Carbon Steel Straight Razor

Straight Razor Blade with Rosewood Hadle and Brass Collars

Please note this straight razor requires honing, hence the sale price.

This beautiful Carbon Steel Straight razor was designed by us and made to our exalting standards. With a 6/8″ carbon steel razor blade, you’ll be guarateed a very close shave. We only recommend this razor for the VERY experienced shaver and utmost care must be taken before use.

The thin straight blade edge produces a clean, close cut of the beard hair to ensure a good shave.

Hollow ground blade allows for a sharp, thin blade edge in turn producing a clean, close cut of the beard hair.

The Carbon Steel Straight Razor blade is pliable, yet durable enabling the edge of the blade to be maintained more easily versus the much more rigid stainless steel.

The dark rosewood handle has some lovely grain which really makes this straight razor a must for your collection.